The 55th annual Blessed Trinity Parish Festival is back!  It officially opens this Thursday, December 2nd at 6pm and runs through Sunday, December 4th.  We’re talking about fun carnival rides, fun houses, carnival games, live music, bingo, MEGA Garage Sale, and Huge Live Auction.


    • 6pm:  Festival Opens
    • 6pm:  Carnival Rides Open
    • 6pm:  MEGA Garage Sale Opens
    • 7pm:  House Music
    • 11pm:  Festival Closes
  • FRIDAY:  DECEMBER 3, 2021
    • 6pm:  Festival Opens
    • 6pm:  Carnival Rides Open
    • 6pm:  MEGA Garage Sale Opens
    • 6pm: Live DJ – Perez Music
    • 7pm:  House Music
    • 7pm:  BINGO
    • 11pm:  Festival Closes
    • 8am:  MEGA Garage Sale Opens
    • 11:30am:  Soul Core
    • Noon: Festival Officially Opens
    • Noon: Carnival Rides Open
    • 1pm:  Live DJ – Perez Music
    • 4pm:  Live Music:  Maraya
    • 5pm: Live Music:  Sunny Ray
    • 6pm: Live Music:  Taking Back Melody
    • 7pm:  BINGO
    • 7pm: Live Music:  Albert Justo (Rock)
    • 8pm: Live Music:  Zucchetto P & W
    • 9pm: Live Music:  German (Salsa)
    • 11pm:  Festival Closes
  • SUNDAY:  DECEMBER 4, 2021
    • 8am:  MEGA Garage Sale Opens
    • Noon: Festival Officially Opens
    • Noon: Carnival Rides Open
    • 1pm:  House Music
    • 3pm:  Mohr Music Studio
    • 4pm:  LIVE AUCTION!
    • 7pm:  Raffle & Closing
    • 8pm:  Festival Closes


  • Carnival Rides:
    • Giant Ferris Wheel
    • High rotating chain swings
    • Bumper Cars
    • G-Force Spinning Rides
    • Rides for tots
    • Much, much more!
  • Fun Houses
  • Carnival Games
  • Drinks
  • Awesome vendors!
  • Live Music Entertainment
  • Bingo!


bts food


  • Roasted Corn $4
  • Cheese Arepas $4
  • Seasoned Fries (with cheese or chili) $5 ($6)
  • Humus and Pita $5


  • Hotdog (loaded) $4 ($5)
  • Hamburger (loaded) $5 ($6)
  • Cheeseburger (loaded) $6 ($7)
  • Pan con lechon $8
  • 1 Quesadilla or 3 Tacos (Steak) $7
  • 1 Quesadilla or 3 Tacos (Chicken or Pork or Vegetarian) $6
  • Cheese Pizza (with pepperoni) per slice $3 ($4)

Mulberry Street Italian Delicacies

  • Italian Sausage $10
  • Mozzarella Triangles $7
  • Zeppole (Italian Doughnuts) $5


  • Choripan $12
  • Pan con Bistec $12


  • Lechon, congri, maduros and pan (with flan) $10 ($13)


  • Popsicle $2
  • Oreo cookie sandwich $3
  • Café Treats $1
  • Country baked goods per serving (whole) $1 ($5 or more)


  • Soda or Water $1
  • Cafecito Shot $1
  • Colada $3
  • Cortadito $2
  • Café con Leche $3
  • American Hot Coffee $2
  • Iced Coffee $3
  • Hot Tea $1
  • Hot Chocolate with mini-marshmallows $2
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle $4
  • Wine $4
  • Draft Beer $5


Folks, this is the place to get great deals.  Have you seen prices, lately?  Yeah, inflation is real, but you don’t have to pay more.  SAVE BIG this weekend and get great gift items (or maybe something for yourself) at ridiculously low prices during the MEGA Garage Sale.  NOTE:  The Garage Sale starts Thursday and runs through Sunday.  As in all Garage Sales.  The best items sell fast so get there early.  Tons of premium items at low prices.

Let the one and only Joseph Corey explain what you can get at the MEGA Garage Sale and Sunday’s LIVE Auction:


The best items will be auctioned off this Sunday.  We’re talking Golf Carts, Scooters, Sports Memorabilia, Guitars, Sports Tickets, Gift Baskets, and much much more to be auctioned off this Sunday.  Have you ever been to the Blessed Trinity Auction?  It’s a load of fun watching people bid for the items they really want.

Special Preview Hour at 3pm:

As is common with most auctions, you can preview the items before the auction takes place.  The special preview hour begins at 3 PM on Sunday.  The Live Auction will begin at 4 PM on Sunday.  This is not a virtual auction.  You have to be present and in-person to bid.

Folks, you don’t have to be an auction pro to participate.  Everyone is welcome to join.  The auctioneer (Joe Corey) is very friendly and he welcomes beginners to come and participate.  If you’re lucky, you can bid low and get a great deal on the item you have.  But if someone else wants it, then the bidding war begins.  Don’t worry.  It’s all in fun and the proceeds to to support Blessed Trinity Catholic Church.



The music at the Festival is truly spectacular.  Grab a bite…Maybe a glass of wine…Sit back and enjoy the music.  But get ready to put the wine glass down.  When the right song comes on, you’ll want to get close to the stage and dance the night away.  Special thanks to Noel for always excelling in putting the live entertainment and music together for the festival.


It’s been nearly two years since we last played bingo under the big tent at the 2019 Blessed Trinity Parish Festival.  Back then the tent was packed with tons of players enjoying the game with the excited winner of each round screaming “BINGO!”

As you know, BINGO is fast paced fun with multiple rounds of play.  Some people have won big cash at BINGO.  But it’s really about having fun with family and friends on Friday and Saturday night at the Festival.

BINGO will be placed Friday and Saturday night from 7pm till close.

Happiness is yelling Bingo


Miami Springs resident, Historian, and member of the Miami Springs Historical Society shared this wonderful clipping of the “First annual fall festival at Blessed Trinity Parish in Miami Springs.”  Back then it was just a 2 day festival held Friday and Saturday.  They had booths featuring handmade articles, Santa Claus items, dolls, candy, potted plants, fish pond, auction sale, games and country store.

According to the post, the first Festival was held November 16 – 17, 1956.  That’s 65 years ago.  We’d like to thank Ken Wilde for sharing this wonderful look back at the early beginnings of what has become a wonderful tradition in Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens.


We would also like to thank all the volunteers who’ve worked so hard to bring the Festival back after the COVID hiatus.  We’d also like to thank all the wonderful sponsors who have supported this year’s Parish Festival.  Those sponsors include:

  • De La Cruz Insurance Group
  • The De Moya Group Inc
  • Cherokee Enterprises
  • Milam’s Markets
  • The Leonard Real Estate Group
  • G Five Training and Wellness
  • Lainez Jackson Law firm
  • Union Pharmacy
  • Brulee Food Service
  • Mohr MUsic Studios LLC
  • Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic Cemetary
  • HH Construction
  • DN Construction/Creative Pool
  • Jet Accessory Center
  • Allison Nurse & Family
  • Bliss & Nytray Inc
  • Cozy Corner
  • Greenery Lodge
  • Eliezer Burgos CPA
  • Superior Landscaping
  • GJA Solutions
  • Bischoff Aerospale, Inc
  • Charlie Ice Cream
  • C&S Paint
  • Sergio Donikian Contractors
  • RVD Architect
  • Royal Resuscitation/CPR Classes
  • Miami Springs Eye Care
  • 3 Horses Beer
  • Brulee Food Service
  • A&A Supply
  • Komfort Zone LLC
  • Allied Fire Equipment
  • Passport Nation
  • Apple Dental Group
  • Luma Accessios Miami
  • Dm Ceramic Studuio
  • Hialeah Scooters
  • Silver Air
  • Omega Container
  • Caribbean Sports
  • River Cities Gazette
  • Tu Cafe
  • Melad Ghaloub, DMD


  • Gabriella & Michael Dreize
  • Saumat Family
  • Postel Family
  • Naji & Rachel Ghalloub
  • Melad Ghalloub
  • Salom Family
  • Wheeler Family
  • Carlos & Isabel Interian
  • Caudle Family
  • BArrios-Balbin Family
  • Morejon Family
  • Raul & Gisell Lopez
  • Stephanie Kondy
  • Ramon Henriquez
  • Natalie Madan
  • Anton Lourdes
  • Perez Family
  • Viviane De La Camara
  • Patricia Smith





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