They got him!

Remember the guy who got away from Miami Springs Police a few weeks ago.  Well, they got him!

Here’s what happened:  You might recall we live-streamed early on Sunday, November 14, 2021 on Facebook due to heavy police activity as Miami Springs Police had set a perimeter in the area surrounding Esplanade, Fern, Westward, and Hunting Lodge.  According to MSPD, the Police set the perimeter in search of a burglar.  (See the recorded livestream below:)

Miami Springs Police were advised of a subject that was seen in the 100 block of the Albatross / Fern alleyway on Sunday, November 14th between 5 am and 5:30 am.  According to Police, the subject matched the description of a burglar that was involved in an incident that occurred on November 5, 2021.

Miami Springs Police

Miami Springs Police were able to locate and positively identify the subject.  The subject allegedly began to back pedal when confronted by the Police and refused to obey commands.  The subject reportedly jumped a fence into a nearby yard and fled from the Police.

A perimeter was established, as described above, surrounding the area along Esplanade on the east side, Fern on the west side, Westward on the north side, and Hunting Lodge along the south side.  Virginia Gardens Police assisted MSPD by adding additional resources to assist with the perimeter.

A K9 unit was called out and conducted a thorough search yielding negative results.

Subject description:
The subject was described as a white Hispanic male, mid-late 20’s, approximately 6′ tall, wearing a gray jacket hoodie, dark pants, black eye-glasses, and a dark colored book bag on the front of his person.


Fast forward two weeks to the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 30, 2021.  At approximately 1:40 am, a Miami Springs Police Officer spotted an occupied vehicle parked against the flow of traffic along the 1900 block of Ludlam Drive.  That’s between Partridge and Heron or one block south of Springview Elementary.  NOTE:  Parking against the flow of traffic is illegal and can result in a parking ticket and is a perfectly legitimate reason for a police officer to approach a vehicle.  This is a reminder to the dozens of people I see parking illegally throughout the City.  You’ve been warned.

According to Miami Springs Police, the illegally parked vehicle allegedly took off as Police approached.  The vehicle sped away at a high rate of speed and was described by police as driving dangerously without the lights on.  (Can you imagine going for a run at night and having a speeding car coming at you with no lights on?  Scary.) 

According to MSPD, the Police Officer turned on his lights and sirens “in an attempt to stop the subject.”  However, the subject did not stop and “continued to flee, driving recklessly and running stop signs with no regard for the safety of the public.”

NOTE:  It is public policy for police officers to disengage from a police chase when the fleeing vehicle itself becomes a risk to the public at large.  In other words, it’s better to let a petty criminal go than to cause the tragic loss of life of a poor bystander.  Of course, the stakes are different if it’s a hostage situation, violent murderer, etc.

As you might imagine, MSPD doesn’t want to hurt any bystanders and while they did pursue the vehicle, the officers did not engage in the reckless behavior exhibited by the subject fleeing.  As a result, the vehicle was lost.  Nevertheless, the alert Police force was able to spot the subject 25 minutes later just blocks from the initial encounter at Heron Avenue and North Royal Poinciana Boulevard.  Once again, the subject allegedly fled from Police, but this is where Police were “able to get a good look at the driver” and obtain the license plate number.  Unfortunately, the driver was able to evade Police once again as he fled into Hialeah.


However, this last evasion would not last long as Miami Springs Police were able to locate the driver of the vehicle at his residence in Hialeah.  The subject was identified as Juan Perez Morejon.  He was charged with the following crimes:

  • Fleeing and eluding police
  • Reckless driving
  • Resisting arrest (for his prior evasion on November 14th)
  • Additional charges are possible

On a separate note, if indeed this man is the alleged burglar the Police were looking for earlier this month and if he’s also the same person that got away from Police on November 14th, he’s got to be the biggest moron in the world for ever showing his face within Miami Springs City limits.  Dude, you got away.  Stay away.

Fortunately, most criminals are idiots and thus they make apprehending them easier on the police.

We’d like to thank all the officers involved in tracking this man down and keeping our streets safe.  Thank you and stay safe out there!

Reminder, if you see suspicious behavior in Miami Springs, do not hesitate to contact the Police at 305.888.9711.


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