#6 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Quiet – Peaceful – Tranquil

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsWant to party every night till 2 in the morning?

Yeah.  That’s not happening in Miami Springs.

Miami Springs is valued for being a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil neighborhood.  As described earlier, Miami Springs does not have a lot of traffic.  It does not get a lot of congestion.  It is a peaceful neighborhood.  The kind of neighborhood where you can sit in your yard and listen to the trees rustle in the wind while enjoying a sweet melody being orchestrated by some of our beautiful birds.

Bass Lake Miami Springs, Florida

One of the most tranquil areas is sitting by some of Miami Springs’ beautiful bodies of water.  The picture above is an elevated shot of Bass lake in Miami Springs.

Unfortunately, as Miami continues to grow and get more congested and increase in density to our east and west, this peaceful tranquility is both rarer in South Florida and under increased pressure.  In the graphic above, you see a satellite view from space.  Notice how Miami Springs appears to be a green triangular island surrounded by an increasingly concrete jungle.  Even from space, it’s clear that Miami Springs is a green “oasis” – literally – in the middle of Greater Miami.  That’s why Miami Springs residents are constantly fighting against any development that adds density to our special “oasis.” The residents want to ensure that our green triangular island stays that way for generations to come.

Let’s keep Miami Springs Quiet – Peaceful – Tranquil.