In an incident at the 4200 block of NW 36 Street, law enforcement apprehended Tommy Chavez on an active warrant. However, what started as a routine arrest quickly escalated into a violent encounter.

Arrested by the Miami Springs Police Department (Photo Credit: Miami Springs Police Department)

As Chavez was being transported, he allegedly attempted to kick the rear driver side window of the police vehicle. The situation took a more dangerous turn when officers tried to escort Chavez into the police station. He began violently kicking the officers, even managing to snap the hinge on his handcuffs in the process.

With his arms suddenly free from restraints, chaos ensued. Chavez seized the opportunity to grab an officer by the neck and strike another in the eye. The unexpected escalation of this arrest highlights the unpredictable nature of law enforcement encounters and the challenges officers face in maintaining control. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

Tommy Chavez Arrested and Charged with:

  1. Battery on a Police Officer
  2. Resisting Arrest (With Violence)
  3. Criminal Mischief (<$200)

REMINDER:  Everyone is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law



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