Contribute to the success of the Capitol Steelers Baseball team by making a donation. Your generosity can help provide them with the resources they need to improve their performance and reach new heights. Whether it’s a small or a large donation, every bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all our fans for taking the time to view our campaign page! If you have supported our program in the past, thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to another great year of Steelers Baseball. With your help, we can help provide our team with the memorable experience of traveling with their teammates. This campaign will directly help us get the team to the famous Cooperstown Baseball Tournament in New York which is one of the best experiences in the country for youth baseball teams. We are the first youth baseball team to represent the Miami Springs community in the tournament’s history. Our players have been working hard to represent this great program. We look forward to seeing you at a game this season. Feel free to share our link with friends and family and leave a nice message or shout out on our page. Go Steelers Baseball! ⚾

Familia, amigos, y fanáticos de Steelers Baseball: muchas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para ver nuestra página de recaudación de fondos. Si donó a nuestras campañas anuales en el pasado, ¡gracias por su continuo apoyo! Su generosidad nos ayudará a ofrecer una experiencia de béisbol de mayor calidad para todo nuestro equipo. ¡Cualquier donación es muy apreciada! Nuestros niños han estado trabajando arduamente para representar a esta gran equipo y comunidad, si pudieran correr la voz sobre nuestra recaudación de fondos compartiéndola con sus amigos en Facebook, Twitter y mensaje de texto, lo apreciaríamos mucho!


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