Over 33,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the State of Florida.  Of those, 5,400 have required hospitalization or 16%.  Florida has had 1,218 fatalities or a 3.7% fatality rate based on confirmed cases.  However, as you can see in the 2 charts below, new cases by day and deaths by day as shown a noticeable improvement.


Miami-Dade has nearly 12,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  We’ve had 1,458 hospitalizations within the County or a 12% hospitalization rate.  The fatality rate in the County is at 2.8% for 338 deaths.  Those ratios are based on the number of confirmed cases.

The chart below shows the number of new cases by day in Miami-Dade County.  You can see the trend is continuing to move downward.


The number of cases in our area more than doubled from 89 confirmed cases to 186 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus within our zip code, 33166 according to the Florida Department of Health.  We took a screenshot of the number as we were shocked to see the huge increase compared to yesterday.  (Miami Springs represents 55% of the residential population within our zip code.)


Estimated cases based on the recent UM study that states 6% of the randomly tested population within the county were found to have COVID-19 antibodies.


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