CIMA Medical Center in Miami Springs shares some information about effectively controlling your child’s social media addiction.

Social media isn’t all bad. It’s an important tool for connections, but for kids exhibiting concerning behaviors, parents may need to step in.

Opening lines of communication with your kids is a great first step in helping them to learn how to enjoy social media while also protecting themselves through smart boundary settings, including screen limits.

BECOME A ROLE MODEL. Ensure you are not walking the addiction road yourself, or already an addict.

SEEK ALTERNATIVES TO SOCIAL MEDIA. It is important to find out if boredom is the reason your child is addicted to social media to the extremes. This is one of the major reasons children readily embrace technology.

ENFORCE FAMILY ROUTINES. The lack of a structure that guides home routines is often what leads to youngsters doing whatever they want.

OPT FOR PEP-TALK AND SMALL TREATS. As a parent, make it a point to sit down with your child and discuss the good and bad in social media overuse. Get him to understand that these platforms are double-edged swords by big corps, aimed at promoting themselves for financial and other gains.

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