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We all know that Harvest Moon has been an incredible success on the Circle. Pass by during lunch time any day of the week and you’ll find cars lined up and down Curtiss Parkway looking for a wholesome and healthy lunch. Plus, it’s a great Springs hangout. My wife and I always run into someone we know when we go there. It’s really a great location for lunch.

With that in mind, my wife and I had long considered opening a business at the old bar on the opposite corner of Westward Drive. We had considered two businesses. A Starbucks Coffee shop or a Chicken Kitchen. Great complimentary businesses that would help the small Miami Springs downtown district.

So off I went to figure out how to open a Starbucks. A couple of clicks onto their website and there it was…”Sorry, but with the exception of select airport franchises, Starbucks does not franchise to the public.” Well, there went that idea. However, there was a nifty little section where one could suggest a new location. I thought, “What the heck. It won’t hurt if I submit the Miami Springs Circle as a possible new location.”

Well, a couple years later and I’m thrilled to see that Starbucks has opened to the public this week. Folks inside and outside hanging out on the circle. In fact, just hours ago I saw my friend Mike bringing out coffee to his wife. (Of course, she was inside their minivan watching a movie with the kids. Kinda cute.)

Starbucks is a great American success story. It’s even more wonderful to see this American company invest in our community and provide a world class coffee shop for the entire community. More importantly, it’s been nice to see the shop full of neighbors.

Folks, come out and enjoy a grande cup of sweet American success…literally a few minutes from your doorsteps.


Editor’s Note: I have to admit. I’m one of the few folks out there that doesn’t drink coffee. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t. But I still love Starbucks. For one, my very first “official date” with my wife was at the Doral Starbucks on 97th avenue. And yes, I almost spilled the coffe and hot chocoloate all over her. Luckily, the Lord saved me from that near disaster.

So, needless to say, I’ve gotta take my wife out there this weekend. She’ll have one of the fancy coffee drinks. I’ll enjoy a grande hot chocolate.

I hope I’ll see you there..



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