Channel 7 News (WSVN) Help Me Howard segment highlighted the plight of Miami Springs resident, Vince Beltran.  According to the story, Vince Beltran has been looking for help from the City of Miami Springs to prevent dumping into North Bass Lake.

According to Beltran, he alleges that some of his neighbors have poisoned local geese, and dumped trees, construction materials, “and all kinds of stuff” in the lake.

According to the story, Beltran was tired of getting chewed out by his neighbors after he called them out for the dumping.  So Beltran looked for help from government officials.

His initial interactions with the City of Miami Springs Code Enforcement were not very fruitful.  According to Beltran’s statements to WSVN, he said that Miami Springs Code Enforcement told him “Oh, no. I can’t do that, I can’t.”

After reviewing the case with Help Me Howard, it became clear that the City of Miami Springs does have jurisdiction over enforcement at the lake.

Channel 7 News did reach to Miami Springs City Manager, William Alonso, and his response was “If someone is illegally dumping, we can cite them, but we need to either catch them in the act or have some proof, like video or pictures, so that it’s not a ‘he said, she said.’”

If you see illegal dumping or any other Code Enforcement violations, you can contact the City of Miami Springs Code Enforcement Office at 305.805.5030.  You can also email the following Code Enforcement Officers:

Name Title Email
Ulises Fernandez Code Director
Roberto Quintero Code Officer
Rosemary Novo Code Officer


Watch the full WSVN report at:


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