The Miami Springs Senior High yearbook staff wants your selfie.  (Let’s be more specific.)  They want selfies from current students to ensure they include every student in the yearbook without the traditional student images.

As you might image, being a high school teenager during a pandemic is tough.  Students have been forced away from each other during a time of life students should be socializing and creating life-long friendships.  In some cases, even romantic connections that can last a life time.

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Instead, we have COVID-19, Zoom, and My School Online.  No picture day.  Instead, the school wants the selfies from students.

Now, despite all the obstacles this pandemic has placed on this young generation.  One thing you can’t take away is their ability to adjust and adapt to a situation no one could anticipate.

So if you’re a Golden Hawk or live with a Miami Springs Senior High student don’t forget to have them submit their selfie as instructed above.

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