As we reported last week, the City of Miami Springs annexation application was rejected in a 7-5 vote against annexation.  Meanwhile, both the Town of Medley and the Village of Virginia Gardens had their applications approved.  It was a slap in the face to the City of Miami Springs after nearly twenty years of attempting to complete this process.

Annexation Results

The following seven Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted against the Miami Springs application:


Now, after the vote was taken, the City of Miami Springs is publicly asking residents to call and email the seven County Commissioners who voted against Miami Springs.  You can argue this effort is a day late and a dollar short, but it can’t hurt.

Above, you’ll notice the letter the City of Miami Springs wants you to copy and paste.  (Why the City shared this as an image instead of text/copy that can easily be copied and pasted is beyond me.)  Don’t worry.  We did the work the City of Miami Springs sometimes seems incapable of pulling off and have the full text of the letter below to allow you to copy and paste the email should you choose to do so:,,,, 

Dear Commissioner,

I am greatly disappointed that you voted against the Interlocal Agreement for the Miami Springs Annexation.   Your vote will have a devastating effect on the 14,000 residents and over 500 businesses in Miami Springs — depriving our city of the opportunity that has been provided to other cities to add a much-needed commerical/industrial land use component while substantially lowering overall property taxes for both residents and business owners.  It also deprives the annexation area of the increased services for police, stormwater, flood control, road, and lighting that our city has planned for them.  We believe your vote may have been based on misinformation purposely spread by an entity opposing annexation.

The real facts on the Miami Springs Annexation are:

    • The millage rate will be 3.7 upon annexation
    • There are 805 properties in the 1.6 square mile annex area
    • The average property tax increase within the annex area will be just $2,800 at 3.7 millage.
    • 70% of the businesses would see less than a $2,000 increase, and 55% would see less than a $1,000 increase in their property tax per year

Considering the meaningful positive impacts the annexation would provide for both Miami Springs and the annex area alike, we respectfully ask that you support the Interlocal Agreement for the Miami Springs Annexation.


Name:  _______________________________

Address:  ___________________________________



We encourage residents to share this email with the Miami-Dade County Commissioners that voted against annexation.  That said, why didn’t the City Manager read this letter into the record last Tuesday BEFORE the vote was placed?  Seems to me, these facts may have helped influence the Commissioners before the vote was cast and not after the vote was cast.



  1. The business owners of that affected area have organized and formed a coalition that strongly opposes annexation. It is difficult to determine if all the hands were on top of the table.


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