Talk about taking matters into your own hands.¬† This father decided to clean up the town with little helpers teaching them valuable lessons in taking matters into your own hands, caring for the community, responsibility, and hard work.¬† We’re sharing¬†this great community story posted on the Miami Springs Community Group on Facebook by John P Barron:

My little helpers went on a trash-walk today. The plan was to wow the community with a full trash bag; starting at Romans and ending at Crackers, but our bag was full by the time we reach the [Sunoco]. We pressed on and it was full again by Canal Street. We emptied and moved forward to fill another bag by the time we reached Crackers. 3 full trash bags in a half mile! They had fun, but it was a truly disheartening experience for me. Some of the particularly foul items included a Tupperware with 2 crack pipes, a used condom, a bag full of burnt clothing, and small baggies that could contain nothing else but drugs. Help us keep Springs clean!!!!!!!!



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