Talk about taking matters into your own hands.  This father decided to clean up the town with little helpers teaching them valuable lessons in taking matters into your own hands, caring for the community, responsibility, and hard work.  We’re sharing this great community story posted on the Miami Springs Community Group on Facebook by John P Barron:

My little helpers went on a trash-walk today. The plan was to wow the community with a full trash bag; starting at Romans and ending at Crackers, but our bag was full by the time we reach the [Sunoco]. We pressed on and it was full again by Canal Street. We emptied and moved forward to fill another bag by the time we reached Crackers. 3 full trash bags in a half mile! They had fun, but it was a truly disheartening experience for me. Some of the particularly foul items included a Tupperware with 2 crack pipes, a used condom, a bag full of burnt clothing, and small baggies that could contain nothing else but drugs. Help us keep Springs clean!!!!!!!!



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