The number of new COVID-19 cases in the State of Florida climbed again last week with 163,196 new confirmed cases last week.  That’s the highest number of recorded cases in a single week statewide.  As you can see in the chart below, the delta variant has been far more virulent than the original strains of COVID.

Unfortunately, the increase in statewide cases has also resulted in an increase in fatalities.  Florida recorded 1,486 new fatalities.  The saddest thing is that nearly all fatalities are completely preventable with the vaccine.  There have been so many cases of people begging for the vaccine on their death bed.

Folks, wearing a mask helps to prevent the spread of this disease and that’s a good thing.  However, wearing a mask still doesn’t guarantee that you can’t catch COVID-19.  The one tool in our arsenal that has proven to be extremely effective against fatalities and dramatically reduces the risk of hospitalization is the vaccine.

Again, it’s a free country and YOU are in control of your own health. But folks, the data is proving that the vaccine is very effective in keeping you safe.  I’ll repeat what I said:  Nearly all, if not all of the Florida fatalities from COVID-19 are from people that never got the vaccine.  The vaccine works!

Furthermore, as of today, the FDA has formally and fully approved the Pfizer vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 for individuals 16 and older.  In other words, the Pfizer vaccine is fully FDA approved.

Miami-Dade County COVID-19 Report

Now while the statewide numbers set records on new cases and fatalities, Miami-Dade County is doing better.  We actually had a drop in cases in Miami-Dade County last week with 20,034 new cases.  It’s still high, but lower than the prior week’s number.  We hope this is the begging of a downward trend for this nasty delta variant wave.

A contributing factor to the decrease in cases in Miami-Dade County might be the 85% vaccination rate in Miami-Dade County among people 12 years and older.  Statewide, the vaccination rate is only 66%.  We’re hopeful we can surpass 90% vaccination rate in Miami-Dade County.


Folks, it’s important to be informed and understand the risk factors with COVID-19.  The number one risk factor with COVID is age.  The older you are, the more likely you are to succumb to COVID-19.  The Case Fatality Rate is nearly 9% for those 65 and older.  That’s one out of every 12 seniors with COVID-19 succumbing to the disease.  The good news is that 86% of seniors 65+ have been vaccinated in the State of Florida.

Below you see that 80% of all COVID-19 deaths in Florida have been from seniors 65 and older.  95% of all fatalities have been from people 50 years old and older in Florida.  In other words, if you are over 50 and have yet to be vaccinated, what are you waiting for?  Chances are, you’re going to catch COVID eventually.  Would you rather get the quick vaccine now, or wish you had gotten it while fighting for your life at one of our hospitals?



As you can see in the chart below, 24% of all cases have been among those between 16 – 29.  17% of cases are those 30 – 39.  Both of these groups have a high survival rate, but again, we still recommend you get vaccinated.

However, 14% of cases have been among those ages 50 to 59.  We know that one out of every 130 people ages 50 – 59 with COVID don’t survive.  Folks, get vaccinated.  It’s the number one thing you can do to stay safe.


The Case Fatality Rate is 1.6% among blacks compared to 1.8% among whites in the State of Florida.


The Case Fatality Rate is 1.9% among non-Hispanics, but just 1.0% among Hispanics.  I have no theory as to why Hispanics are statistically doing better, just sharing the data.


The Case Fatality Rate is lower with females at 1.2% compared to males at 1.7%.  COVID-19 has killed 27% more males than females in the State of Florida.


The Florida Department of Health will be administering the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Tuesday, August 24th from 9am to 4pm at the Miami Springs Pool Party Room.

Vaccines at Pool



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