Miami is truly the place to be. With so many things to do and so many attractions awaiting at every corner, you will never get the chance to be bored. Yet, of course, transportation is often a problem whether you live in Miami or are visiting. 

Maybe you want to go to a concert or the airport and not worry about driving, or waiting for the bus or tram all dressed up or banging your head with luggage. Yet you can avoid unpleasant situations like these.

According to Majestic Limousines, car services are increasingly popular in Miami as they provide a lot of comfort. It is an easy solution that will solve all your problems related to transportation and more. Here is everything you need to know about car services in Miami.

What is a Car Service?

This service consists of renting a car for some time, such as transportation to the airport, a wedding, a business meeting, or just about anything. 

Most of the time, car services require hiring a driver along with the car, but there is also the possibility of renting just the car. Suppose you are visiting a city and do not come with your own vehicle but would like to have one at your disposal and drive yourself. In that case, you can confidently turn to car services.

Cars, either with or without a driver, can be rented for one event or more extended periods. It all depends on the client’s requirements and needs. Here are some of their advantages:

  • Special cars for special events

You have the opportunity to attend your prom or wedding in a limousine or luxury car.

  • Personalized service

One of the biggest advantages for people who often need this kind of service is for business. The company can provide them with the same driver every time.

  • Reliability

If you’re relying on a taxi or uber, there’s a risk they won’t have free cars, so there are chances you won’t arrive on time. With car services, you get rid of this worry.

How Much Does a Car Service in Miami Cost?

The cost of this service can vary. It depends on several factors, such as the brand and model of the vehicle you want to rent, the period of time, and of course, whether you want a driver or not. On top of all this, service fees also differ from company to company, starting at $80 and going up to $250 or more.

Taking all this into account, the rate for 12 hours can vary between $700 and $1,500, depending on the car you choose. For 24-hour service, the rate can go up to $2,500. Of course, these prices are variable and depend on the services offered. For example, for transfers to and from the airport, the cost ranges from $80 to $400.

How Do I Book a Car Service?

The first thing you need to do before using car services is to find a reliable company. Look at online reviews and check their website for reliability. Once you’ve found a company that suits your needs, the process is quite simple.



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