June had a 30% drop in crime compared to May.  It also marked the second lowest month in overall crime over the last 12 months with just 32 overall incidents.  That’s 24% below the 12 month average of 42 incidents per month.

If you look at the graph below, you can see the peek low over the last 12 months was in April with June also showing a significant drop in reported criminal incidents.


Overall, there were 32 reported criminal incidents during the month of June.  They included 1 residential burglary, 2 non-residential burglaries, 1 armed robbery incident, and one incident of assault with a deadly weapon.


There was 1 incident of a reported residential burglary in Miami Springs during the month of June.  That’s down from the 4 incidents that occurred in May.  On June 24th, there was a residential burglary along the 300 block of Linwood Drive that happened around 5pm.  There were also 2 non-residential burglaries during the month of May.  They occurred along South River Drive and LeJeune Road.


There were no incidents reported during the month of June.


There was one reported incident of an armed robbery that occurred along the 4200 block of NW 36th Street.  (That’s the area of LeJeune Road and NW 36th Street.)  The incident occurred on June 3rd at around 8 in the morning.


There were 4 incidents of assault during the month of June.  One incident that occurred on June 10th was an Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  That incident occurred on the 600 Block of East Drive.  The other assault cases included (2) simple assault and battery cases with another assault incident classified as a misdemeanor warrant arrest.


Vehicle burglaries represent over one third of all crimes in Miami Springs over the last 12 months.  It’s very important to always lock your car.  Many of these crimes are crimes of opportunity where crooks just sample a variety of cars until they find the vehicle that was left unlocked.  Of course, it’s important not to leave valuables inside your vehicle.

During the month of June, there were 10 vehicular burglaries.  That’s 33% less than the 12 month average of 15 vehicle burglaries.  Three of the vehicle burglaries occurred along NW 36 Street.  Two incidents occurred along Fairway Drive.  Another two occurred along South Drive.  The remaining 3 incidents occurred along South River Drive, Canal Street, and Flagler Drive.


There were 4 incidents of vehicle theft during the month of June.  They occurred along LeJeune Road, Forrest Drive, Kenmore Drive, and North Royal Poinciana Boulevard.  Vehicle thefts remained at the 12 month average level.


There were 8 incidents of theft during the month of June.  Two incidents were Burglary Curtilage cases, one case was a theft of an auto accessory, one incident of theft from building, and 4 cases classified as “theft other.”


There were no drug incidents in the Springs during the month of June.


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