Last week saw the highest number of weekly fatalities from COVID-19 in Miami-Dade County according to the Florida Department of Health.  We lost 295 people last week in Miami-Dade County marking the highest number of local fatalities in Miami-Dade County. The fatality rate in Miami-Dade County stands at 1.4%.

Fortunately, it appears the number of new cases of the coronavirus in Miami-Dade County may have started to plateau the last few weeks.  We had 19,353 new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Miami-Dade County last week.

We had 445 new hospitalizations in Miami-Dade County last week.  That’s slightly lower than the peek the prior week of 473 new hospitalizations.


We had 175 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our zip code of 33166.  That puts the total count at 1,305.  We estimate Miami Springs has somewhere near 718 cases of the coronavirus.


The number of new coronavirus cases in the state of Florida came down last week to 66,000 new cases.  The number is still high, but it’s down from the peek set 3 weeks ago of 83,058 new cases.

Of course, the number of new cases is considered a leading indicator.  The number of fatalities is obviously a trailing indicator.  The number of new fatalities in the State of Florida increased to 1,250 last week.  That puts the total number of deaths from the coronavirus at 7,144 since the start of the pandemic.  The fatality rate in the State of Florida is at 1.5%.



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