The number of cases within our zip code increased by 24% in the last 7 days to 1,130 total cases.  Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code, but with the high number of cases at Fair Havens, we may represent more than 55% of the total cases within our zip code.  We estimate Miami Springs has somewhere near 622 total cases.

Fair Havens

The good news this week is that there were no new fatalities related to Fair Havens.  Fair Havens ranks as the nursing facility with the second highest number of fatalities in the State of Florida with 51 fatalities since the start of the pandemic.

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Fair Havens Coronavirus

Miami-Dade County Coronavirus Update

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased to 101,854 in Miami-Dade County.  That’s 20,828 cases in the last 7 days.  This shows a similar number of new cases as the prior week.  The number of new cases remains high, but it didn’t increase dramatically over the prior week.

Miami-Dade Hospitalizations

We had nearly twice as many new hospitalizations last week compared to the prior week with 473 new hospitalizations in the last 7 days.  Obviously, this is very concerning for our local hospital systems.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Miami-Dade COVID Deaths

New fatalities decreased in Miami-Dade County to 105 deaths last week.  The prior week had seen 142 fatalities.  The fatality rate since the start of the pandemic is 1.4% in Miami-Dade County.  That is far lower than some states which saw in excess of an 8% fatality rate.


The total number of coronavirus cases in the State of Florida increased by 23% over the last 7 days with nearly 77,000 new cases.  That’s less new cases last week compared to the prior week.  That also puts the total number of cases within the state at 414,511.  Statewide hospitalizations increased by 3,098 new hospitalizations in the last 7 days.  That’s the highest number of weekly hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic.  Florida also had 892 new fatalities in the last 7 days.   That’s also the highest number of weekly fatalities since the start of the pandemic.


Florida is poised to surpass New York in terms of total number of cases of the Coronavirus.  (New York has 416,000 cases and Florida has 415,000 cases.)  However, New York has had 6 times the number of COVID fatalities compared to the State of Florida.  New York has lost 32,295 people to coronavirus compared to Florida’s 5,776 fatalities.  The fatality rate in the State of Florida is 1.4%.  The fatality rate in New York is 7.8%.  There will be plenty of studies done after the fact to figure out why Florida’s fatality rate has been so much lower than New York’s fatality rate, but I believe Florida has done a better job protecting the most vulnerable elderly residents compared to the State of New York.

The encouraging data in this week’s report is that the total number of new cases in the State of Florida went down and that the fatality rate has gone down to 1.4%.  As we’ve stated for weeks.  Wash your hands.  Practice social distancing.  And please wear a mask.

Stay safe everybody.

SOURCE:  State comparison data provided by Google


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