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As you`ve probably noticed driving on 36 street, the FEC railyard that was usually full of new cars and trucks has been converted into brand new warehouses. Unfortunately, these new warehouses have brought in a greater number of big rigs and heavy duty trucks into Miami Springs residential streets.

Below, you`ll find an update from Councilman Jaime Petralanda addressing the issue:

“Virginia Gardens and Miami Springs have had an influx of Tractor Trailer Driver`s getting lost heading to FEC and ending up on our residential streets. The trucks getting lost in our residential areas have been damaged by our trees and equal number of our trees has been damaged by the trucks (some severely). Some of the drivers have shown our officers( MS/VG) paperwork with directions that they received from the tenants of FEC showing them to exit at Okeechobee Road from 826 then head south on 67 Ave. They are trying to get to 3200 NW 67 avenue which is south of 36 street. So, the police department personal has spoken to the property managers and they have spoken to all the tenants to issue better directions. However, the tenants argue that they don聮t tell the drivers to take any specific route but it could be a GPS directions glitch. So, the county representatives have contacted Google who provides many of these GPS services to see if they can fix it in their system. On February 4th, 2015, Officer Simon from CPO made contact with Mr. Smith, Project Manager at the Flagler Global Logistics Center, 3200 NW 67 Avenue. Officer Simon describes the ongoing problem we are having with the semi-trucks cutting through Miami Springs to get to their facility. Officer Simon informed Mr. Smith that when trucks drive through Miami Springs, a residential community it is a violation of Florida State Statute 316.074(1), posted “No Through Trucks”. Mr. Smith stated that he would notify all of the property and their customers that enforcement of this and all applicable traffic laws would be enforced if these trucks continue to cut through Miami Springs. Officer Simon also contacted Mr. Nunez the Account Manager for Global Logistics. Mr. Nunez stated that he would notify all of the companies that do business with them of this information. Officer Simon also spoke with Cristina who is the office manager for FEC located at 6875 NW 58 Street. Christina advised that trucks delivering to her location are causing traffic problems as well. Mr. Bob Ledoux FEC Attorney would be in town next week to meet with the Flagler Global Logistics Center to discuss the ongoing truck problem. MSPD has increased the issuing of traffic summonses to any trucks that are cutting through Miami Springs. Police officers strongly emphasize to all the truckers they stop, to make it know to their fellow truckers that all applicable traffic laws would be enforced if stopped while cutting through Miami Springs.

Installation of No Through Truck signs Locations:
路 2 signs intersection of Lafayette Drive and North W. 62 Ave
路 2 signs Crane and North Royal
路 2 signs VG to install
Current violations (Total of 13 citations issued for trucks entering city) from 01/01/2016-02/18/2016 received from motors:

Additional requested signs:
路 North Royal
路 Medley triangle
路 Others will be placed between the overpass and the tracks
路 Make more visible the sign on crane
路 The sign request will be expedited and no studies are needed”

by Councilman Jaime Petralanda




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