4/3/2014 0:00:00

On Tuesday, April 8th, Miami Springs will have the opportunity to vote on the sale of part of the old James Medical Center Parking Lot. Since a portion of the parking lot is technically part of the city`s golf course property (but not part of the golf course that has ever been played on), the city is required to have a city wide vote to get approval on the sale.

Many voters have had questions and concerns. Many voters think the whole golf course is for sale. It is not.

Many voters are concerned that if they vote yes on this then the city can sell the rest of the golf course. That is not true. The city is only asking to sell the part of the existing parking lot on Eldron Drive. If the city wanted to sell another portion of the golf course, the city would have to have another election for that sale.

The best way to understand the property for sale is to actually go to the site next to 627 Eldron Drive.

Once you see the location, most people understand, it`s just an old parking lot.

To help voters see the property in question, Manny Perez, the architect, long-time resident, and current owner of the James Medical Center is having a FREE BBQ this Saturday, April 5th from 10am – 3pm at 627 Eldron Drive. You`re invited to bring your family. Refreshments, hot dog, hamburgers and kids` entertainment (bounce house, face painting) will be provided.




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