It was a glorious return for the Blessed Trinity Parish Festival after being shut down in 2020 last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Church was blessed with great weather for the four day Festival.  But more importantly, it was blessed with a fantastic crowd of families that enjoyed the Carnival Rides, Games, Fun Houses, Food, Drinks, Bingo, Garage Sale, and Auction.

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 - Ferris Wheel

The Festival opened up on Thursday night at 6pm as the kids began to enjoy the rides and food and games.  Friday night kicked it up a notch as the crowds grew and the entertainment kicked up as well.  Saturday is usually the big highlight with families spending either part of their day and many the entire day at the Festival.  Saturday started off with a little cloud cover keep the temperatures cool.  However, by the early afternoon, the cloud cover had given way to sunny skies and a glorious Saturday afternoon.  The evening brought in some very comfortable temperatures with clear skies for just perfect festival weather.  Sunday was the close of the festival with sunny skies the whole day.


The Festival has always been about fun, family, friends, and that other F-word…FAITH!  Father Hualpa had a special prayer and blessings for the Festival on Friday.

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021Father went around to bless some of the Festival volunteers including Irandis who stopped during his preparation to receive Father’s blessing.

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021Blessed Trinity Festival 2021

Father Hualpa also had a special gathering at the Blessed Trinity Circle where the students gathered to pray and receive Father’s blessings.Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 Blessed Trinity Festival 2021


Of course, you know the kids wanted to hurry and get on the rides.  And the Festival had lots of fun rides for kids of all ages.

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 - Ferris Wheel

The big Ferris wheel has always been popular providing riders with beautiful views of Virginia Gardens, Miami Springs, and Miami International Airport.  And the cool comfortable weather was perfect to share a ride with your sweetheart.

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021

The more adventurous kids enjoyed the ROCK-O-PLANE.  The Rock-O-Plane is what you get when your cross a Ferris Wheel with the famous Zipper ride.  You can go up and down and upside down.

Grilled Food at the Festival

One thing that photos, videos, or audio recordings can never replicate is the wonderful smell of food you get while entering the Festival grounds. There was a lot of food to be had from Pan con Lechon, to steaks, to sausages, and so much more.  Just thinking of all that food makes my mouth water.

Blessed Trinity Parish Festival 2021 - Virginia Gardens EntranceThe great weather and the desire to come together again, in person, and enjoy this wonderful Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens tradition was expressed by the big crowds at the Festival, especially on Saturday and Sunday.  Mind you, this was the first time the Blessed Trinity Parish Festival had to compete with the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair which was having its final weekend at the same time.




When a Festival has been away for a while, it takes a lot to bring it back together.  We have to thank all of the volunteers and hard working people who came together to make the 2021 Blessed Trinity Parish Festival a resounding success.  There were dozens and dozens of volunteers who put this all together.  Thank you.  We also need a special shout out to the leaders of the Festival Committee, Jenny and Lino Cruz.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment to our faith community.  God bless you guys!  You guys are amazing!

Blessed Trinity Festival 2021 - Golf Cart AuctionThanks to the Festival Sponsors

We also have to give a great big thanks to all the sponsors that helped to support the 2021 Blessed Trinity Parish Festival including:

  • De La Cruz Insurance Group
  • The De Moya Group Inc
  • Cherokee Enterprises
  • Milam’s Markets
  • The Leonard Real Estate Group
  • G Five Training and Wellness
  • Lainez Jackson Law firm
  • Union Pharmacy
  • Brulee Food Service
  • Mohr MUsic Studios LLC
  • Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic Cemetary
  • HH Construction
  • DN Construction/Creative Pool
  • Jet Accessory Center
  • Allison Nurse & Family
  • Bliss & Nytray Inc
  • Cozy Corner
  • Greenery Lodge
  • Eliezer Burgos CPA
  • Superior Landscaping
  • GJA Solutions
  • Bischoff Aerospale, Inc
  • Charlie Ice Cream
  • C&S Paint
  • Sergio Donikian Contractors
  • RVD Architect
  • Royal Resuscitation/CPR Classes
  • Miami Springs Eye Care
  • 3 Horses Beer
  • Brulee Food Service
  • A&A Supply
  • Komfort Zone LLC
  • Allied Fire Equipment
  • Passport Nation
  • Apple Dental Group
  • Luma Accessios Miami
  • Dm Ceramic Studuio
  • Hialeah Scooters
  • Silver Air
  • Omega Container
  • Caribbean Sports
  • River Cities Gazette
  • Tu Cafe
  • Melad Ghaloub, DMD


  • Gabriella & Michael Dreize
  • Saumat Family
  • Postel Family
  • Naji & Rachel Ghalloub
  • Melad Ghalloub
  • Salom Family
  • Wheeler Family
  • Carlos & Isabel Interian
  • Caudle Family
  • BArrios-Balbin Family
  • Morejon Family
  • Raul & Gisell Lopez
  • Stephanie Kondy
  • Ramon Henriquez
  • Natalie Madan
  • Anton Lourdes
  • Perez Family
  • Viviane De La Camara
  • Patricia Smith


Blessed Trinity Festival Sponsors



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