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A group of golf cart enthusiasts in Miami Springs are trying to get an ordinanced passed that would allow Miami Springs residents to use golf carts in our local roads. Here`s a letter from Miami Springs resident, Thad Ovarich, sent to the Miami Springs City Council following the last Miami Springs Council Meeting regarding the golf carts:

Hello Miami Springs Council,

I attended the meeting this past Monday for the discussion of the traffic study for the golf carts. I am in favor of this ordinance and was one for the residents who came before the board a year ago asking the city to look into and create an ordinance. There was much information that was left out and several misunderstandings that need to be explained better to you. I am willing to bring all the documents and info to you to help you make a better decision. I agree this ordinance must have safety issues covered, and a possible inspection-registration with a $50 fee to help pay for signage. But in no way do we need 340 signs! I have spoken to council members for the 3 others city`s mentioned in the study and none of them have done more than 5-10 signs in their communities. This ordinance would save the average golf cart owner about $600 which is the price it costs to have your cart weighed, inspected at the DMV, title and registration with a tag, as long as you have all the safety requirements listed. It was mentioned at the meeting that most golf carts do under 20 MPH so it cannot be considered a LSV so it cannot be issued a tag by the state of Fl. This is the reason we have asked for an ordinance to be created. Golf carts in our community with greatly improve the ease of getting to and from weekend sporting events held in the city as well as the farmer`s market held off the circle. The council members from other cities have stated that when you`re actually driving a golf cart you can see your neighbors, you can wave to them and interact with people within the community. Compared to driving a vehicle around your neighborhood with dark tinted windows and no one know who you are. Again I`m willing to meet with each and every one of you separately or together as a group to pass on as much information that I have been able to find out and to make this a reality with in our city! Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to assist you in any way I can!

Thank you for your time,

Thad Ovcarich
Golf Cart

Thad also wants to share the following benefits of making Miami Springs a Golf Cart Community:

Here are a few facts and good reasons why golf carts would be a great idea for our city:

1. They would enhance our city as a green environment
2. They would make getting around the city easier to sport activities at all the local parks and fields.
3. Driving downtown to our business district for shopping or lunch-dinner.
4. On the weekends visiting the farmer`s market or events held at the circle.
5. Annual 4th of July parade
6. Taking our children to local schools for drop off or pick up.
7. Slowing down the way of life or traffic in our residential areas.
8. Creating events as other cities have to host movie night, music under the stars- drive up golf cart night
9. While driving a cart you can actually wave to your neighbors, maybe even meet a few new ones
10. After all we are a golf cart community with an expensive 18 hole golf course that we have all paid for over the years!

With all the good ideas l have mentioned above, safety is a #1 concern and licensed drivers only while wearing seat belts! The traffic study that was done recommended putting up 340 signs stating we had golf carts in our neighbor which was total unnecessary and expensive! 15-20 signs would be the most our city would need, and the cost would be paid for by a 1 time $50 inspection-registration fee paid by the golf cart owner. I will keep you informed of the next council meeting where this issue will be discussed so residents can attend in support.

EDITORIAL OPINION: I personally don`t play golf and don`t own a golf cart, but I love the golf course and love the idea of Miami Springs becoming a golf cart community. It`s another thing Miami Springs can do to make it different from other communities and add a bit of prestige to our neighborhood. Golf cart communities like Key Biscayne are usually highly desirable neighborhoods. None of our neighboring cities can claim to be a golf cart community. Miami Springs` unique slow traffic characteristic makes it perfect for golf carts. It`s something else that can make a perspective buyer want to live in Miami Springs over other neighborhoods, like nearby Doral.

Some residents have expressed concerns that instead of doing 30 mph, they may have to slow down to 5 to 15 mph behind a golf cart. Fortunately, traffic in our residential streets is so minimal, passing a golf cart would be a piece of cake. Further, as a resident posted on the MiamiSprings.com forum making the point that you`re more likely to slow down for ducks crossing the road, a resident walking their dog on the road, or kids riding their bikes on the street.

Tell us what you think. Do you believe Miami Springs should become a Golf Cart Community? Click here to post your thoughts on the MiamiSprings.com Forum.

If you wish to contact Thad Ovarich regarding Golf Carts in Miami Springs, please email him at TOvcarich@aol.com.

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