Dear Editor,

I know it’s easier to be a Tuesday Morning Quarterback, but in hindsight they [the City of Miami Springs] probably should [have] kept in contact with those businesses that had initial opposition and maybe had them speak in favor.

They were only a few that spoke against, but that’s all it takes sometimes. I know a lot of people were in opposition in that [annexation] area, with concerns [about] the taxes. A public campaign in that area probably would [have] been a good idea to ease the mind of many. I heard Mayor Mitchell and City Manager Alonso explain why it was not true that their taxes would not go up significantly, especially with the services we would provide, but maybe we needed to do more. Of course hindsight is 20/20.

There is still hope, with a Hail Mary Pass on the 11/15 meeting, if you get one of those commissioners to bring vote back on agenda. Yes, it would still need to come back for a second reading after that, but it would be with the new commission, so that won’t be easy. Especially in our District 6.

Look, if the city attorney’s firm or all those that say they have political pull to get things done in this town can help, well then there is hope. We have to get on the offensive side and convince businesses who said they would support us, to publicly say it. Or least in the ears of those naysayers on the commission seat. There is hope, but it is a Hail Mary Pass. Springs is definitely on life support. Hopefully, we have a couple All Pro receivers to bring it down for a touchdown. Gone too far to give up at this point.

Jorge Santin

Miami Springs Resident


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