According to a Local 10 Report, the Mirador Restaurant located inside the Holiday Inn at South Royal Poinciana Boulevard and LeJeune Road was shut down on December 14th due to health code violations.

According to the report, 10 violations were found.  They included:

  • Live Roaches
    • “approximately 3 live roaches located on floor by buffet line”
    • “live roach under drink station”
    • “observed 1 live roach behind bread warmer on expo side of kitchen cook line.”
  • Dead Roaches
    • “Observed approximately 50 dead roaches inside dining room floor located along window, and entrance to kitchen”
    • “Observed approximately 10 dead roaches located under cooler by lockers near chemical storage room, approximately 25 dead roaches inside trap located behind bread warmer on expo side of cook line.”
  • MOLD
    • “Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine.”
    • “Self-service salad bar/buffet lacking adequate sneeze guards or other proper protection from contamination.”


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