Hialeah Hospital has been serving South Florida and the three sister cities created by Glenn Curtiss, Hialeah, Miami Springs, and Opa-Locka, since the 1950s.  And while times have changed, Hialeah Hospital continues committed to serving the community with quality care.


We recently met with Hialeah Hospital CEO Michael Bell to discuss what’s new at Hialeah Hospital.  Watch the complete interview below:


Hialeah Hospital is the closest hospital to Miami Springs and in the event of a major emergency, the recommendation is always to go to the nearest Emergency Room.  In some cases you need to go to E.R., but it’s not a life and death situation and with many hospitals available to local residents why should Hialeah be in your consideration?

Well, in addition to being conveniently located, Hialeah Hospital allows you to pre-register online before you visit the E.R. Even without the app, the average time to see a physician in the Emergency Room is three minutes.

Furthermore, despite looking the same outside, Hialeah Hospital has undergone and continues to undergo many changes inside.


Hialeah Hospital just opened a new Observation Floor that includes private rooms.  This new wing allows patients to be observed and diagnosed in a more private area with an emphasis of quick evaluation turnaround.  Whether the prognosis is to be admitted into the Hospital or to be released home for follow up, this new wing gives patients a more comfortable Hospital experience.  With a focus on keeping the patient informed and comfortable throughout the stay.  As Mr. Bell stated, no one wants to go to the hospital.  But when you go, you want to have a positive experience.


Hialeah Hospital continues to be a top Maternity Hospital serving our community with about 1,200 babies born at Hialeah Hospital yearly.  Hialeah also has NIC (Natal Intensive Care) unit for premies making it a great local resource.  During our tour of the maternity ward, we noted that the maternity rooms were larger than many maternity wards at other hospitals.  Perfect for the extended family who wants to visit and meet the new bundle of joy.


Hialeah Hospital is a full service Hospital, but due to the needs of the area, tends to treat certain areas more than others. Some of the most common areas Hialeah Hospital treats include:

  • Cardiovascular Care
  • Labor and Maternity Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Joint Program for Knees & Hips
  • New Sports Medicine coming soon


One of the benefits of Hialeah Hospital is that they have provided a great work place where the staff tends to be tenured for a long time.  That provides an exceptionally experienced staff that not only know the ins and outs of medical care, but also how to approach patients with various needs.


If you go to Hialeah, you’ll notice signs of renovation throughout the campus.  From the reception area and front lobby, to various wings of the Hospital, Hospital is making changes to provide the community a safe, clean, and comfortable modern environment.


Hialeah Hospital is investing in the future and adjusting the model to provide the right care for patients today and well into the future.


Mr. Bell highlighted his dream of growing Hialeah Hospital into a larger medical campus.  This would allow the Hospital to focus more on Intensive Care while allowing patients to have access to Outpatient Services in one centralized campus in the heart of Hialeah.


What are your thoughts on Hialeah Hospital?  What has Hialeah Hospital meant to you in your life?  What do you think of of turning Hialeah Hospital into a larger medical campus just minutes away?


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