We reported back in November how the City of Miami Springs had lost a Federal Appeals case to local activist, journalist, and Miami Springs resident, Theo Karantsalis.

City of Miami Springs Loses Federal Appeals Case

Theo Karantsalis suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) among other ailments.  The disease has disabled the former runner where he can no longer do the activities he used to enjoy.  As a result, Karantsalis is claiming the City of Miami Springs is violating his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA.  We reported on Karantsalis’ original filing back in the pre-COVID days of October of 2019.  (Follow the link below.)

Theo Karantsalis Files Federal Lawsuit Against City of Miami Springs

Recently, Theo Karantsalis and his attorney, Matthew Dietz, were interviewed by University Professor and Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse, Dr. Peter Blanck for Disability Rights Today. They go into a lot of the details of the case as well as many of the legal arguments in support of people with disabilities.  You can listen to the Podcast Interview below:



You can read more about Theo’s legal fight against the City of Miami Springs in some of the national and regional news outlets shown below:

New Episode! Karantsalis v. City of Miami Springs, Florida

Waging legal war to make Miami Springs comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act


  1. Go for a walk in the evening and see how many cars are parked blocking the sidewalks impeding pedestrian traffic and forcing pedestrians to walk on the streets, but although this can be handled by the police on duty apparently is not as important as a parking space in front of the post office.

  2. Judging by the many PENDING lawsuits in county court against the City of Miami Springs by NON-DISABLED people injured on bad sidewalks, seems if you are DISABLED you are in big trouble trying to maneuver around in that small town. Since this affects all of us residents why has it not ever been discussed at a city council meeting?

  3. City with unlimited resources VS. old disabled hippie from the 60s who can barely walk and wants a disabled parking space at post office. Meanwhile, crickets from Mayor Maria Mitchell and City Council.

  4. Great now we are in the national spotlight for discriminating against a disabled senior. Our taxes are the highest in the county and this is what we get? If the City of Miami Springs cannot handle its own little infrastructure how can it do so if we annex more land?

  5. I know Mr. Theodore Karantsalis, “Theo,” to be a true gentleman.

    Without even getting into any of the details – none whatsoever – of Theo’s complaint, cause of action, decision of the appeal, etc., making any and all improvements in our unique and wonderful city to accommodate individuals with disabilities benefits us all. For example, designating a disabled parking space or two in front of the Post Office will help not only Theo, but all those disabled persons who find it hard here to get in and out. Remember that that you, too, reader, will one day be quite disabled … if you’re fortunate enough to grow that old! In the meanwhile, be thankful that you still have the use of your legs, arms, eyes, etc., and please show some basic compassion (and for the love of Pete, DO NOT PARK IN DISABLED if you’re fortunate enough to NOT BE DISABLED).


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