According to residents posting on the Miami Springs Community Facebook group, we have a graffiti vandal (or vandals) who is posting graffiti on residential homes.

The first incident was posted on Saturday, May 4th by Connie West.  She reported that graffiti “was done to a house on Oakwood off of South Dr.” The disturbing graffiti read “Dead Body Wondering…I LIVE.”

Graffiti Miami Springs
Photo by Connie West

Then, on May 6th, Marisela Arzola Garcia posted photos of graffiti on her home.  Here’s what she reported:

Got home late last night after a couple of weeks out of town and found that my house had been vandalized by while i was gone. Be careful if you have a wall or an area that they can get to. They might be the same ones driving slowly down the alleys.

Photo posted by Marisela Arzola Garcia
Photo posted by Marisela Arzola Garcia

Graffiti has long been a nuisance in South Florida, but generally speaking, most graffiti has been done on public property such as road way signs and government buildings.  Graffiti sometimes appears on businesses, but you rarely see such dramatic graffiti on residential properties.

Most kids and young adults at least have a sense of respect for someone’s private home.  Seeing this amount of vandalism committed on residential property is disturbing, not only because it’s here in our beautiful Miami Springs, but because it’s done to private homes.  Homes that people have worked really hard to build and care for.  To see these homes vandalized shows a complete lack of respect by the individual(s) committing these criminal acts.

Call the Police

Remember, if you see anything suspicious or know anything about these vandalism crimes, do not hesitate to contact the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.


You can’t stop all crimes from happening, but you can make it more difficult.  Security cameras are more affordable than ever.  There are wired and wireless solutions that can alert you on your phone whenever motion is detected.  Of course, there’s always the old school alarm system known as a dog.  While most dogs will never actually stop someone from invading, they do a great job of barking and alerting the homeowner and neighbors to the presence of someone or something.  Vandals and criminals usually try to avoid any kind of attention and believe it or not, the barking of a dog can sometimes be enough for the criminal to move to another location.








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