According to, the number of reported criminal incidents in Miami Springs dropped by 44% in April compared to the average over the last 10 months.


Overall, there were just 24 reported criminal incidents during the month of April compared to the 10 month average of 43 criminal incidents.  Unlike March which had 10 assault incidents, there were none reported in April.  There were no reported cases of breaking and entering in April.  Vehicular Burglaries (the most common crime in Miami Springs) was down to just 6 incidents in April or a 63% drop compared to the 10 month average.


Despite the significant drop in criminal incidents, there were 2 cases of Armed Robbery during the month of April.  That’s the highest number over the past 10 months.  Both incidents occurred along the LeJeune Road corridor.  One in the 3400 block and the other in the 3500 block.


As stated above, vehicle break-ins were down 63% in April with just 6 reported incidents.  The vehicle break-ins occurred mostly along NW 36th Street (3 incidents) and South River Drive (2 incidents).  There was one vehicle burglary that occurred on Shadow Way.


Most crimes were down in April, but there was an uptick in stolen vehicles.  There were 5 reported theft of vehicles during the month of March.  The stolen vehicles occurred along 36 Street, Miller Drive, LaBaron Drive, South Royal Poinciana Boulevard, and LeJeune Road.


Again, we think it’s a great month to see criminal incidents drop by 44%.  The drop in vehicular burglaries is truly significant.  The lack in breaking and entering incidents during the month of April and the lack of assaults is also great news.  If you review the detailed incident list below you’ll also notice that most of the troublesome behavior is away from our core residential areas.  Most of the bad behavior tends to be along the busiest parts of the city such as NW 36 Street, LeJeune Road, South River Drive, and Poinciana Boulevard.

We hope this reduction in April continues into the month of May.  As you know, crime never goes away completely.  As residents, we need to do our part by making sure to lock our cars to prevent the casual vehicle break-in.  We need to stay vigilant and aware of our surroundings.  And most importantly, never hesitate to contact the wonderful men and women who work at the City of Miami Springs Police Department.  They are always ready, on a moments notice, to assist you in your time of need.

Report any suspicious behavior to the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.  And if you see an officer while you go about your business, tell them thank you for keeping our community safe.


Below you’ll find the detailed list of incidents that occurred during the month of April.


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