New cases of COVID-19 continue to tumble.  Is this the end?  Or will we see another summer spike as we have the last two years?

Last week’s numbers dropped from nearly 200,000 new cases the prior week to 132,622 in the State of Florida.  As you can see in the chart below, we are well below the peak during the first week of 2022.

The State of Florida reported 210 deaths last week.  That’s up from 206 the prior week.  We know from past surges that the fatalities go up and peak a few weeks after the peak in new COVID cases.  Hopefully, we’ll start seeing a drop in new COVID fatalities soon.


Will this be the end of COVID-19?

We don’t think so.  The past two years have been consistent.  There’s a summer spike and a winter spike.  As such, we expect to see a COVID spike again this summer.  What we don’t know is what type of variant will be prevalent this summer.  Will it be a reemergence of the OMICRON variant?  Delta?  Or something new?  Will it be more virulent?  Will it be more deadly?

We’re hoping, albeit, the science needs to play itself out, that the OMICRON variant that has infected millions of Floridians (many which were never tallied in the state’s official numbers) has provided an immunity boost in addition to the COVID-19 shots (it’s silly to call it a vaccine anymore when it works more like a flu shot and less like a vaccine.).

That being said, we know there’s a high likelihood of a summer spike.  Guess what.  If you’re so inclined, you should consider getting a COVID booster shot this Spring.  As has been proven, it won’t necessarily stop you from catching COVID, but it will prep your body to better handle it.  Plus, it dramatically lowers your chances of hospitalization, and more importantly, death.

I got my original COVID shot just before Easter in 2021.  I got a mild case of COVID in December.  I’ll be getting my booster right before Easter again so that I’m well positioned to handle whatever variant may come our way this summer.  Hopefully, I’m wrong and there is no summer surge this year.

But like Mom always said, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”  Love ya mom.


Folks, we keep sharing this so that everyone can decide for themselves what their risk factor is.  Of the over 66,000 people who have died from COVID-19, 75% of them are 65 and older.  18% are between the ages of 50 – 64.


The Case Survival Rate for those 50+ ranges from 99.1% for those in their 50s.  The survival rate between 60-64 stands at 98.2%.  And those 65 and over have a survival rate of 93%.

For kids under 16, the survival rate is 99.995%.  For young adults 16-29 the survival rate is 99.963%.  For adults in their 30s, the survival rate is at 99.873%.  Adults in their 40s are seeing a survival rate of 99.656%.


Folks, it’s no secret that anyone with an underlying condition such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pulmonary disease, is at a higher risk of COVID complications than someone who does not.  Furthermore, being overweight has been proven to be a key factor in COVID complications.  I’m not saying healthy fit people can’t be hospitalized, but let’s put it another way.  If you’re fat and overweight and we put you on top of a mountain with low oxygen in the air next to a cardiovascularly fit person, both of you will be gasping for air, feeling fatigued, but one of you will be in better condition to survive than the other.  COVID is the same way.


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