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Folks, G Five Training and Wellness is interested in helping folks regardless of their current state of fitness.¬† They promise they won’t make you do burpees or jumping.¬† Running is optional and not a requirement.¬†¬†They are mostly concerned with strengthening your body.¬† That means:

  • Strengthening Bone Density
  • Cardiovascular Strength
  • Immune System Strength
  • And the much overlooked, mental health and well being strength

G Five wants to invite you to experience their class firsthand…for FREE!¬† Seriously.¬† No cost.

*FREE Class is limited to one free session per person.¬† It’s a great way to meet the staff and try out the facility.¬† Plus, there’s no pushy sales contract since G FIVE doesn’t have contracts.¬† G FIVE offers monthly pay as you go plans.¬† All they care about is getting you the results you deserve.



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