The City of Miami Springs was contemplating spending about $16,000 for the annual fireworks display.  The City was not going to allow people to watch from the Golf Course due to COVID-19.  The City was only going to allow people to watch from their homes or to watch virtually online.  Maria Mitchell said she did not think it was worth $16,000 for people to watch fireworks on YouTube.

Petralanda polled his colleagues to see how many of them could see the Fireworks from their home.  Very few could.

While it’s sad that we won’t have the annual 4th of July Fireworks this year, it really didn’t make sense to do unless the City was willing to allow the normal gatherings on the golf course it has traditionally allowed.  Maria Mitchell made a motion to save the $16,000 and cancel this year’s fireworks show.  Bob Best and Jaime Petralanda both voted alongside Mitchell to cancel the Fireworks display and save the $16,000.

July 4th Fireworks at the Miami Springs Golf Course


  1. 🙁 fine… but now what would you like to do with that saved money? make proper parking arrangements for the new apartment building in the circle?


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