Kevin Marino Cabrera graciously joined us at the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club for a follow up interview ahead of his runoff election this November against Coral Gables Commissioner Jorge Fors.  Folks, it’s important that we get to know the candidates ahead of the election.  Watch our follow up interview below.

During the interview, Cabrera announced that he had secured the endorsement of Miami Springs City Council Woman, Jacky Bravo.

Jacky Bravo

Here’s the official press release:

Kevin Marino Cabrera receives endorsement from City of Miami Springs Councilwoman Jacky Bravo

MIAMI – Today, Kevin Marino Cabrera announced that he has received the endorsement of City of Miami Springs Councilwoman Jacky Bravo, becoming the fifteenth current and former elected official who endorses Kevin for the Miami-Dade County Commission District 6 seat.

Councilwoman Bravo released the following statement in support of Kevin Marino Cabrera:

“It is so important to take into consideration very basic principles when considering your candidate for County Commissioner District 6. This is the governing body in which works in liaison with your local city government to help fulfill the needs of our communities. A candidate that has long-term sustainable goals for our community and will help support the future and spine of District 6 is so important.

Kevin Cabrera since the beginning of his campaign has shown vital qualities I look for in a local leader. The consistent investment of time and energy I have witness Kevin pour into our local community for months now has been a statement in itself. Kevin is driven and focused together with being a team leader amongst his peers together with listening to his constituents, he understands this position of public service will come with its challenges none the less a time to work together for greater outcomes and the greater good. He tried reaching me personally 5 times until he was able to meet with me for discussion of his platform and to understand the challenges of our city. The consistency was impressive and an important quality for representation. Above all his humble character and willingness to serve shined through, you either have it or you don’t.

I believe Kevin is emotionally mature and vested in making sound decisions for the best interests of District 6 despite opposition. Approachability is so important, Kevin’s form of leadership shows he is listening carefully to his constituents with the desire to understand concerns, ideas and perspectives, especially amongst the elderly community, working-class families, public safety, and quality of life. Kevin reflects transparency, financial wit, sundry, and regular communication is grave for public service.

Lastly, I do not underestimate being prepared for public service. The mental preparation to bring forward discussions for legislative improvements as an “Effective” city official carries a different weight like no other.” I did not have political experience like Kevin when I considered serving my local city council, my constituents put faith in me to serve them, I myself am a constituent and I serve my community with that in mind, I never forget that. I have confidence that Kevin Marino Cabrera will be a dedicated leader for the City of Miami Springs and all of District 6.”

“I am grateful for Councilwoman Bravo’s vote of confidence,” said Kevin. “Her passion and dedication to addressing the issues affecting the residents of Miami Springs is unparalleled and I am looking forward to campaign with her over the coming weeks and working with her in the future.”

For additional information about the Kevin Marino Cabrera campaign, please visit


Interview #1 with Kevin Marino Cabrera

In case you missed our first interview with Kevin Cabrera, you can watch our first video below:

Election Date:  November 8, 2022

Get out and vote.  Learn about the candidates and then get out and vote.  Vote by mail or vote early or vote on election day, but get out and vote.  Exercise your right’s as an American citizen and vote.


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