Last week, we shared reports from local media including WSVN, WPLG, and NBC 6 regarding the incident on Corydon Drive.  As we reported on Friday, the Miami Springs Police Chief has stated that there is NO evidence that a sexual assault took place.  Here’s the full letter released by Police Chief Armando Guzman:

In regards the incident that occurred on Wednesday May 8th in the 200 block of Corydon Dr., there has been much speculation, rumors and false information circulated on social media. My intention is to clear the air using the latest information provided to me by the Miami Dade Police Department.

On Wednesday morning, the Miami Springs Police Department received a medical emergency call in the 200 block of Corydon Dr.  Based on the age of the victim, medical condition and other factors the Miami Dade Police Department was contacted to assist in a possible sexual assault case.  As of this date based on all of the evidence gathered by the Miami Dade Police Department’s Special Victims Unit and Crime Scene Investigations there is no evidence to support that any such assault took place.

The incident is still being investigated to determine if any crime was committed.

We are keeping the victim and all her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers and wish her a speedy recovery. We ask that you do the same.

Armando A. Guzman
Chief of Police

Miami Springs Police Department
201 Westward Dr.
Miami Springs, FL 33166



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