To whom it may concern,

Last year we contacted several commissioners, the Mayor and the City Manager to repair 2 sections of sidewalk on Starling Avenue.

The results: a contractor came and “shaved down” the existing concrete to mitigate the tripping hazard… another section remains untouched…

Present day:
Attached are a few photos with comments of the new section of concrete sidewalk built (6/30/2022) from Crane Ave./Miami Springs Ave. to N. Royal Poinciana. [No sidewalk to Tripping Hazard 2.0]

Photo Credit Armando Amet
Photo Credit Armando Amet
Photo Credit Armando Amet

Hopefully you can bring the hazard to the City’s attention.

Have a great evening.

A. Amet

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  1. Great letter because a couple weeks ago I was wondering the same thing.. Just an update: They put soil at these edges but no sod (grass)? Go figure.. Always doing everything half ***. Why can’t things get done right. I will be complaining to public works.

  2. Sir, if the 10 pending lawsuits against the City of Miami Springs for sidewalk injuries has got the city or county to take action, what might a letter do?

    Sad to see the City goes after homeowners when someone falls on bad sidewalks. Search the MiamiDade County court services bureau and type in “City of Miami Springs” and read the complaints.

    Margaret Villaneuva


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