VIDEO: Man Rescued from Car in Miami Springs Canal


The YouTube Channel, ReliableNewsMedia, posted the following video showing Miami Springs Police, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, and neighbors helping a man who had driven into a Miami Springs canal.  The video was posted on Friday, August 7, 2020.

Here’s the post by ReliableNewsMedia:

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue And Neighbors Save Man From Likely Drowning In Alligator Infested Canal In Miami Springs, Florida It was a dark early morning when a man lost control of his car and ended up sliding backwards down a very steep canal bank in Miami Springs, Florida. Neighbors saw what was happening and quickly reacted. One man backed his pickup truck up to the canal bank and attached a chain to the car that was still slowly sliding closer to the canal. By the time the car was stopped, the back of it was already in the water. Miami Springs Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived and took over the rescue, pulling the man out of a window to safety. In this video, you will see the man still in his car, then firefighter paramedics pulling him to safety. You will hear an interview with the neighbor who used his pickup truck and chain to stop the car from sliding into the canal. 



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