Happy Halloween!  This year promised to be epic with Halloween falling on a Saturday.  More time to prep.  More time for the costumes.  More time to create a custom haunted house.  More time for amazing Halloween parties. It promised to be the most epic Halloween for the traditional door to door trick or treating for which Miami Springs is famous.

Of course, then we got the COVID-19 pandemic and everything changed.  Is it safe to trick or treat door to door?  Will I take my children trick or treating?  Are we hosting or attending a Halloween party?

So we asked the Miami Springs Community what they thought about taking their kids trick or treating and what they felt about opening the door to trick or treaters.  Here’s what the Miami Springs Community shared:

Will You Open Your Door on Halloween?

  • 42% said YES
  • 41% said NO
  • 17% said they’ll leave candy outside

Will You Take Kids Trick Or Treating?

  • 48% said YES
  • 42% said NO
  • 10% were NOT SURE

So while it may not be the epic Halloween celebration we all wanted, it’s clear some parents will still be taking their kids trick or treating throughout Miami Springs.  It also appears many residents will still be opening their doors, or at least providing candies outside their doors for children to enjoy despite the current pandemic.



We don’t know how this year’s Halloween will turn out, but we look fondly at the video below and the fun of trick or treating without social distancing through the beautiful streets of Miami Springs.


With Halloween falling on a Saturday night, it’s far more likely to encounter a drunk driver.  Parents, bring flashlights with you to ensure cars can see and your children.  It’s no secret Miami Springs can get really dark at night.

Drivers, though it’s not legally required, we encourage you to treat the interior residential streets like a school zone on Halloween night.  Despite the current pandemic, we do expect to have a sizable crowd of children going door to door this year.  So please exercise extreme caution driving through the residential streets.


Stay at least 6 feet apart from other trick or treaters.  Wear a face mask.  If your costume includes a mask that has opening for your mouth and nose, you need to wear a face mask underneath.  Wash your hands when you get home.  Take hand sanitizer with you if you’re trick or treating.


Nightmare at the Curtiss Mansion

After Dark Halloween Event Moved to Miami Springs Pool





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