This year is proving to be a see-saw with crime going up and down each month.

After a great September with only 35 reported criminal incidents, the number of incidents jumped by 40% to 49 reported criminal incidents in the month of October.  Comparing to October of last year, the number of reported incidents increased by 9%.

In fact, October had the second highest number of reported criminal incidents over the last 12 months behind the month of July which saw 65 reported criminal incidents.


There were six reported incidents of assault in October.  That was the same number we saw in September and the same number we saw in October of last year.  Five of the incidents were classified as simple assault and battery. However…


…One of the incidents was an assault with a deadly weapon case that lead to Attempted Murder charges for Raynel Gallego.  Click here to read that story.


In September, there were no reported cases of breaking and entering, but we did have three cases in October.  Fortunately, all three cases were nonresidential burglaries.  We have not had a residential burglary in Miami Springs since mid August.  That’s great news!

Two of the non-residential burglaries occurred along 3400 block of NW 42 Avenue.  The third incident occurred at the 3900 block of South River Drive.



Again, we’re happy to share that there were no reported robberies during the month of October. The last reported robbery incident occurred on August 25th.  Great news!


Vehicle burglaries were down 28% in October compared to October of last year with 13 incidents reported last month.

  • (3) incidents occurred along NW 36th Street.
  • (3) incidents occurred along LeJeune Road.
  • (2) incidents occurred along South River Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along Bentley Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along Fairway Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along East Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along Payne Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along Swan Avenue.


Thefts were up 183% in October compared to the same month last year.  In fact, it was the highest reported number of thefts over the last 16 months with 17 total incidents.  There were (9) reported incidents classified as “Theft Other.”  There were (3) reported incidents of “Burglary Curtilage” theft.  (Basically stealing something from outside your home.)  There were (2) thefts of auto accessories and (2) incidents of retail theft.  There was one incident that led to a felony warrant arrest.


There was just one reported case of a stolen vehicle during the month of October.  That’s down 75% compared to the prior month, and the prior year.



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