The Miami Springs Middle School Robotics team performed exceptionally well at the 3rd Annual STEM Squad VEX IQ Challenge last Sunday, securing a highly-coveted 4th place among a competitive field of 44 middle school teams.

The event, brought together some of the most gifted young individuals in the region to showcase their abilities in robotics and STEM-related disciplines.

We can imagine the amount of hours and days that was put into the preparation for this event. Their hard work paid off on Sunday as they navigated through numerous trials and challenges while facing off with the toughest competition in the region.

Despite all the challenges, the Robotics Team remained determined and focused. Their impressive performance earned them a 4th place finish. Their success serves as a testament to their dedication, skills, and passion for the STEM fields, it also highlights the importance of supporting the youngsters to pursue STEM related education and careers.

The future is looking bright for these exceptional young talents, let’s go Eagles!



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