At Monday’s Miami Springs City Council Meeting, the City Manager announced that the City of Miami Springs would be launching a new website promoting annexation.  I guess the city ran out of room on their current website?  All kidding aside, it appears to be a reaction to an anti annexation website that was created called  This is yet another example of the City Administration being reactive instead of proactive.  Now, after 20 years, the City decides to create a pro-annexation website?  Better late than never I guess?

Best Pro Annexation Argument

That being said, it was Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell who shined Monday night making one of the most impassioned pro-annexation arguments at Monday’s meeting.  She called out the injustice towards small Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens compared to larger communities like Sweetwater and Hialeah.

Mayor Mitchell called for equity and fairness.  She called for Justice.  How is it okay that cities like Hialeah and Sweetwater get to annex huge swaths of land and the County continues to hold back little Miami Springs ability to grow?  Why is Miami Springs denied the opportunity to grow, yet Sweetwater and other cities continue to grow their municipalities?  Why does Miami Springs have to go through more loopholes than any other municipalities?

  • Equity?
  • Social Justice?
  • Opportunities?

Mayor Mitchell did the best job we’ve ever seen of someone articulating the benefits to the business owners in the area to be annexed.  The benefits she highlighted included:

  • Flood control & stormwater drainage improvements
  • Roadway Improvements
  • Lighting Improvements
  • Beautification
  • Landscape improvements
  • Dedicated Police Force

She also highlighted the city’s commitment to lower the millage rate to 2.5 to 3.0.  For over 60% of the business owners in the area, that tax rate represents less than a $500 tax increase per year.

In other words, for less than $500 per year, you get faster police response times, fix the flooding issues, make roadway improvements, and beautify the area.  Heck, the rise in their property values alone will more than offset the annual increase in tax payments.

We want to thank Mayor Mitchell for doing her part to articulate the benefits annexation can bring to the business owners and neighbors we want to include as part of Miami Springs.


In other Council News…

South Royal Poinciana Road Project

At the regularly scheduled Miami Springs City Council Meeting held on Monday, January 23, 2023, the City of Miami Springs City Council selected Roadway Construction, LLC for construction of the South Royal Poinciana Stormwater and roadway improvement project.  The construction contract is not to exceed $1,699,838.85 or roughly $1.7 Million.

The council also approved a $172,602 contract with R.J. Behar and Company for Construction and Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services for the above listed South Royal Poinciana stormwater and roadway improvement projects.

New Vehicle

The city also approved the purchase of a vehicle for the Building and Code Compliance Department.  The vehicle was procured at a cost of $31,114.


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