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The City will have an opportunity to review the new Miami Springs Pool Concepts created by Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc.

Concept 1 – Renovation – $4.5 MILLION

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This concept completely renovates the existing pool and building including completely renovating the bathrooms and offices as well as the new pool structure, finish, gutters, and all
associates piping and pool equipment.

Concept 1A – 50 Meter by 25 yard pool – $6.8 MILLION

Note sure why they didn`t call this concept 2, but concept 1a is a new 50 Meter by 25 yard pool with a new 2 story building for $6.8 MILLION. This pool would be constructed where the current pool parking lot is today.

CONCEPT 2 – 25 yard by 25 meter pool + Warm Water Pool – $5.9 MILLION

This is a smaller version to the 1a concept with a smaller 25 meter pool, but adds on a second “warm water pool.” It also includes the 2 story building for $5.9 MILLION.

CONCEPT 3 – 25 Meter Pool Attached to Community Center – $6.7 MILLION

This is very similar to Concept 2, but instead of using the existing pool parking lot, it uses part of the community center parking lot and part of the land where the existing pool is located. Instead of the pool area flowing from east to west, this new aquatic center is north to south. It would create an L-SHAPE between the community center and the pool. It also includes a larger Warm Water Pool.

CONCEPT 4 – 25 Meter Pool Attached to Community Center – $6.7 MILLION

Concept 4 is identical to concept 3 except it locates the new aquatic
facility midpoint to the property and just north of the community center.

SLIDES: None of the concepts mention slides.

KIDDIE AREAS: None of the concepts mention kiddie areas.

CONCESSIONS: None of the concession concepts place it in a area to serve patrons at the recreation center.

SECOND FLOOR: All of the pool concepts with a second floor quote the second floor at over $400,000. Is that needed?


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