The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) wants you to get rid of non-native iguanas.

Here’s what the FWC posted:

“Iguanas are not native to Florida, and are not a protected species. They can be removed from private property year-round and with landowner permission – no permit required.  The FWC encourages people to remove nonnative species such as iguanas from private lands whenever possible using legal and humane methods.

Additionally, a new Executive Order passed this year allows for the removal of iguanas from 22 public lands in south Florida. Iguanas can be removed and humanely killed on these properties year-round and without a permit. “

Clearly, the iguana population has exploded in Miami Springs over the last 20 years.  In the 90s, they were a rare treat to see.  Now, you can’t go down a block along the canal without spotting one.

What do you think?  Should they stay or should they go?



  1. You know what animals are also an invasive species? Muscovy ducks. No iguanas have ever crapped in my pool. But these horrid ducks do it all the time. Let’s treat these damn ducks the same way as the iguanas and kill them humanely. The iguanas are far less bothersome than the ducks and neither belong in Florida. If we are going to eradicate the iguanas, the ducks should go too.


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