The Miami Springs City Council approved the variances to allow a 12 unit apartment complex to be built at 641 Р649 Palmetto Drive.   The variances were approved in a 3 to 2 vote.

The following voted to allow the 4 variances and approve the project:

  • Maria Mitchell¬† (Yes)
  • Mara Zapata (Yes)
  • Billy Bain (Yes)

The following voted against the 4 variances:

  • Bob Best¬† (No)
  • Jaime Petralanda (No)

Variances requested were are as follows:

  1. Request variance from section 150-164(B) (1) (g) to exceed by six dwelling units the maximum permitted 20 dwelling units per acre (Twelve dwelling units proposed).
  2. Request variance from section 150-164(B) (1) (g) to waive the requirement that residential uses are permitted only in mix-use development (Residential uses only purposed).
  3. Request variance from section 150-164(F) (1) (a) in order to waive twelve of the required 47 vehicle parking spaces. (Provision of 35 vehicular parking spaces proposed).
  4. Request variance for section 150-016 (A)(9) to waive six inches of the minimum required parking space width of nine feet (Provision of parking space width 8 foot six inches proposed).


What do you think?  Do you agree this project deserved the 4 variances should have been allowed or did you agree with Jaime Petralanda and Bob Best that this project should not have qualified for the variances.  Let us know in the comments or tell us on social media.


  1. If the apartments are going to be properly distribute to Senior Citizens of all race, nationality and income equality then let’s get them built to benefit the Senior Citizen community not like Hialeah that only a certain group of citizens get the benefits.
    Please also think of our most needed Veterans that also should have priority in the process.


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