4/8/2010 0:00:00

Hundreds of residents came to see what millions of dollars from Rebeca Sosa and the City of Miami Springs could build. With 3 floors, 2 basketball courts, a running track, new weight room, and flexible multi-purpose rooms, the crowd was very impressed.

Let`s take a virtual tour.
As you enter the main lobby way, you`re greeted by a gorgeous mural depicting various elements of Miami Springs including the City Seal, golf, and the Miami River.

As you walk through the hallway, you enter the gymnasium with 2 full sized basketball courts. The gym has automated goodies including retractable basketball backboards, a motorized divider screen that separates the two courts, and a modern score board.

At the south side of the basketball courts, you`ll find another hallway that leads to the weight lifting room that includes a wide variety of lifting and areobic machines.

The first floor also has a couple of multi-purpose game rooms that can also be used for meetings and other activities.

The second floor is dominated by the the Rebeca Sosa theater. The theater includes a large projection screen for movie viewing and also has a mens and womens dressing room along with a backstage prop room.

Also on the second floor is the entrance to the very sizable running track. The track has two lanes to separate walkers and runners. The track has an excellent viewpoint to the entire gymnasium.

There`s also a third floor with mostly electrical closets and other storage facilities, but keep this floor in mind. If the lower floor bathrooms are filled, you can always us the 3rd floor bathrooms.

Overall, the residents of Miami Springs, and especially the youth, should be pleased with the new facility and enjoy every aspect available to them.



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