The City Council came to a consensus at Monday’s City Council meeting not to host the annual July 4th Fireworks on the Golf Course this year.

The City of Miami Springs is investing millions of dollars to renovate the greens on the golf course.  You may have noticed activity has already begun including removal of some trees.  As a result, they don’t want thousands of people traversing the golf course while it’s being reworked.

The Parks and Recreation Director, Omar Luna, presented a few options to the City Council to move the Fireworks to a new location.  The best option appears to be launching the Fireworks from the Clay Pits or Miami Springs Senior High.  Residents and guests would be able to view the fireworks from the adjacent fields along Dove Avenue including Peavey Dove Field.

Other locations considered include the Miami Springs Middle School and Stafford Park.  However, East Drive would need to be closed down to make it viable on Stafford Park.

Let’s Do It!

The 4th of July Fireworks is one of the community’s favorite annual activities including the annual Car Show, Parade, and finally the Fireworks.  We believe the Council which deferred action to the next City Council Meeting (after the election) should do everything possible to hold the fireworks this year at the Clay Pits.  There’s a ton of parking along Dove Avenue and around the Peavey Dove Field and the Dog Park.

Furthermore the fields on the west side of the clay pits can also be used for parking.  Heck, the City of Miami Springs can charge for parking to help raise funds for the War Memorial or maybe even a monument for Glenn Curtiss.

What do you think? Should the City of Miami Springs move the fireworks to Peavey Dove Field?  Should they move the fireworks to another location?  Should they cancel it and skip this year?  For residents who live near the area, do you have any concerns for a one night event?

Let us know in the comments section below or via social media.


  1. Let’s postpone the fireworks for this year. They will be doubly anticipated next year. We’re improving our Golf Course so let’s be patient. There’s not enough room at the Clay Pits. Have the usual festivities on the Circle and free sparklers for all the kids to light up on Curtis Parkway.

  2. “Miami Springs can charge for parking” and what do I think? I think you loco crazy, that’s what. One year without the BOOM BOOM BANG will be a pleasure! The only ones that enjoy playing with firecrackers are kids and overgrown kids. Another thing is that the fireworks is always the same, never anything new and it’s tiresome, ENOUGH!

  3. Clay pits is perfect! It’s safe it’s out of the way plenty of parking! I say give it a try it’s to celebrate our independence! My vote is clay pits !

  4. I agree 100% with Mr. DeSanctimonious.
    It is also too long, extremely loud, so I feel so sorry for they doggies and kitties that are nearby getting desperately so scared from those sound of explosion.
    We already have enough illegal fireworks that people buy and start celebrating non stop from the day before with no consideration with many residents and furry babies.

  5. Yeah we could always contribute the money to BLM or Planned Parenthood. I’m sure that’s what Glenn H Curtiss would have preferred. TDS, shameful.

    • I agree TDS, Trump Devotion Syndrome is shameful. Imagine thinking an insurrectionist liar, tax cheat, criminal is your idea of a leader for our country. It’s disgraceful! The guy should’ve been locked up years ago for the crimes he committed then. It’s incredible, nobody is above the law!

  6. Let’s cancel the fireworks forever. It’s nothing but a waste of money. All that money spent for literally 15 minutes could surely be spent better. But this city LOVES its fake patriotism and Trump rallies so that’ll never happen.


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