After the recent collision between a car backing from a driveway and Councilwoman on her bicycle cycling down the sidewalk, the City of Miami Springs will be conducting a City-wide Sweep.

According to the notice released by the City of Miami Springs, the City will be conducting a sweep of all properties that may be in violation of City Code regarding visual clearance obstructions by foliage to pedestrians or vehicular traffic that utilize city sidewalks, swales, alleys, streets, and other rights-of-ways.┬á Here’s the full code the City of Miami Springs will be focused on enforcing:

Sec.┬á150013. – Residential plantings, fences and walls.

(A)  Plantings.

(1) There shall be no restriction on the height of any hedge, shrub, tree or other form of vegetation which is planted and cultivated on properties located within the residential zoning districts of the City.

(2) Notwithstanding the foregoing, all hedges, shrubs, trees and other forms of vegetation planted and cultivated on residential properties in the City shall:

(a) Be maintained in a manicured and presentable condition.

(b) Be maintained by the owner in a like manner on all sides.

(c) Be maintained so as not to constitute a safety hazard or visual clearance obstruction to pedestrians or vehicular traffic utilizing City sidewalks, swales, alleys, streets or other rights-of-way.

(3) It shall be the duty and responsibility of the City Code Compliance Department, with the assistance of the City Police Department, to determine if the safety hazard and visual clearance provisions of this ordinance are being properly maintained.

(4) The planting and cultivation of new or replacement ficus trees or hedges is prohibited, and existing ficus hedges shall not be permitted to exceed eight feet in height.


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