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Opinion Backlash

By: Wallace Clark

The opinion piece I wrote in support of MSPD Captain Jon Kahn becoming the next
police chief was published yesterday in a paid ad in the Gazette. And just as I figured, it
generated several closed-door meetings in City Hall.

Although I took total responsibility for writing the opinion without input, approval or
support of anyone, City Manager Ron Gorland wants someone to blame. Since he can’t
do anything to me, he wants to hang someone in the police department. Typical city
management pettiness.

When writing my opinion using public documents from the city, I realized that I
would cause a backlash to some of my longtime friends; however, it needed to be said.
Contrary to the saying ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion,’ that doesn’t hold true when
criticizing city officials.

It’s not always a matter of business with city officials because they can’t take the heat.
It’s personal and they will try to get even. Understandably, the Gazette won’t print my
opinions if they are critical of the city because city management will limit using the
newspaper for anything whenever possible. Money is the root of almost everything.

I truly don’t believe that my opinion will make a difference as to Kahn being named
chief. I guarantee that machinations for naming an outside chief are already underway.

And not one council member will ask Gorland why he lied about Kahn opting out. That

just isn’t done. It’s not considered civil in city government where lies are plentiful. And it

would be a fantasy to think that a majority of elected officials would vote to name Kahn

as chief.

I’ve been around the police department for more than 30 years and I’ve witnessed

grumblings, arguments, disagreements and most of all, unity and undying loyalty to each

other and ‘The Job.’ Nevertheless, I’m still considered an outsider and always will be.

However, I know more about hidden incidents and unethical – some bordering on illegal

– acts by city employees than any civilian and most police officers currently on the force.

I’ve also been around city government for just as long and I’ve seen countless incidents

of personal indiscretions, including pushing pet projects and eliminating people and

businesses they don’t like. Price be damned.

Most people who don’t like cops have personal reasons; getting a ticket tops the list.

Others like cops because officers responded to a life-or-death situation or other problems

that disrupted people’s normal lives. It’s all relative.

I imagine that one of the first orders to be given to the incoming bilingual chief will be to

keep me out of the police department.

I’ll deal with it.

By Wallace Clark



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