As you know, the City of Miami Springs recently re-opened the boat ramp for use by kayaks and canoes.  The City of Miami Springs added a nice Tiki Hut and picnic table. And from time to time you may see a car parked near the Tiki Hut with some folks taking a break and maybe taking a bite.

Many years ago, the boat ramp was used by locals as the place to launch their power boats from Miami Springs.  You could take your boat down the river and onto Biscayne Bay.  Unfortunately, Miami Springs residents can no longer take that route as the Canal is blocked from the Miami River near NW 36th Street as the County added a flood control system that bocks navigation.

Boat Ramp Rules

Nevertheless, the ramp remained open to allow boaters access to the canal for fishing and other activities.  Unfortunately, complaints came into the City of jet skiers flying down the canal.  You know where this is going.  So the City of Miami Springs decided to deter this activity and thus the boat ramp was closed.

Boat Ramp Miami Springs

Fast forward to today, and you know that the boat ramp has been re-opened, but only to kayakers and canoes.  As the posted sign states, “By using this launch, you agree to follow these rules:”

Rule #1:  NO MOTORS:  The boat launch is restricted to human propelled water craft.  

In other words, the City of Miami Springs only wants kayakers, canoes, rafts, paddle boards, etc. launching from the boat ramps.  According to the rules set forth by the City of Miami Springs, motorboats and jet skis are prohibited from using the launch.

Boat Ramp Rules

Also, the conditions of the boat ramp below the water line are pretty bad.  The boat ramp has not been maintained or managed.  I’m sure the City of Miami Springs does not want the legal responsibility for a boater who gets a trailer stuck or damaged at the boat ramp.

Boat Ramp under water

Would it be great for the City of Miami Springs to maintain and re-open the ramp for motor boat use?  We think so!  We think it would be fun to see boaters using the waterways for navigation, relaxation, fishing, and maybe even tubing.  However, today, it is not allowed.

Boat Ramp Rules

We think the ramp deserves a floating dock to allow kayakers, paddlers, and maybe even boaters a place to tie and more safely enter and exit the canal.

Ramp Rules

Now, despite the fact that the boat ramp is in bad shape below the water line and despite the fact that there is no dock to tie up your boat and despite the fact that there’s a sign that says: “NO MOTORS,” it still hasn’t deterred some boaters from using the boat ramp.

Miami Springs Boat Ramp

As you can see in the picture above shared on the Miami Springs Community Facebook Group, there is a want and desire to use the boat ramp and use the river.  And this is far from the only person attempting to use the boat ramp to launch their boat.  We recently saw a jet skier launching from here in the last few days.

Again, they are launching power boats despite a big ol’ sign that reads NO MOTORS.

Rule #1:  NO MOTORS:  The boat launch is restricted to human propelled water craft.  

Boat Ramp Rules

Nevertheless, the City does not want the ramp being used by Power Boats.  (Otherwise, why would they have a sign.)  If you see the boat ramp being misused, you may contact the Miami Springs Police Department.  The Police don’t necessarily want to ticket someone for using the ramp, but rather educate them that the practice is currently not allowed at the location.

On the other hand, if you wish you re-open the boat ramp for boaters, you should contact your Miami Springs Council Person and encourage them to make the ramp accessible to boaters.


What do you think?  Should the City of Miami Springs make improvements to allow power boaters access to the Miami Canal from Miami Springs?  Should jet skis be allowed?  Would you take your boat down the canal?  Would you want to fish on your boat on the canal?  Do you think power boats should be banned from the ramp?

Let us know what you think in the comments below or via social media.



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