Election day is finally here!  If you haven’t already, get out and go vote on Tuesday.

Obviously, the choice for President is the HUGE draw and we’re confident 99.9% have already decided on voting for Trump or Biden or writing in Kanye West.  But there’s a lot more to vote for in this year’s election and we’re going to share some thoughts on some of the choices below.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE:  Vote for Bryan Avila.  He lives here in Miami Springs.  He went to Miami Springs Senior High.  He’s raising a family here.  He’s a genuine good person.  He helped to fight to add extra free lanes on the Palmetto.  He’s also been fighting the state of Florida to allow Miami Springs to charge its own bed tax on the 36th Street Hotels.  Bryan Avila is a great choice.

MIAMI-DADE MAYOR:  We have a partisan choice between Bovo and Cava.  Bovo’s a conservative Republican.  Cava is a liberal Democrat.  Whoever wins will take over for current Mayor Carlos Gimenez.  Bovo or Cava will have the power to issue emergency orders and curfews.  Choose wisely.

CITIZENSHIP REQUIREMENT:  This one should be obvious, right?  You need to be a U.S. Citizen in order to vote.  Do we want Russians voting?

MINIMUM WAGE:  If you’re making minimum wage, it’s very tempting to vote YES for this.  I’ll give you the following observation.  If minimum wage goes up, the cost for the goods and services created by the people making minimum wage also goes up.  For example:  In the 90s, you could buy a Whopper with Cheese combo for about $3.50.  Ironically, minimum wage was about $3.75 in those days.  Today, a Whopper with Cheese combo costs about $8.  What’s today’s minimum wage?  If we raise minimum wage to $15, we’ll either get more automation and less employees, or eventually a Whopper with Cheese combo will cost you near $15.  Furthermore, if you’ve worked hard to earn more than minimum wage, and the minimum wage is raised to $15, then they’ve effectively given you a pay cut. If your salary today is twice the minimum wage and they raise the minimum wage, then you’re going to want to get an increase to be at twice the minimum wage.  This is likely to move forward, but I fear this will hurt the people it’s supposedly trying to help and will end up increasing the number of people who are unemployed while increasing the costs of basic goods and services.  Minimum wage is not and never will be a “living wage.”  If you want to earn more money, you have to increase your value to your employer.  Period.  End of story.  You don’t need a degree.  Heck, I was earning more than minimum wage by the age of 17 before I even started college, because I was busting my butt on commission sales.  Again, I suspect this will pass because so many people think it’s a great idea, but all it really does is make things more expensive in the US.

PRIMARY VOTING:  During primary elections, Republicans choose the Republican candidate and Democrats choose the Democrat candidate.  If this amendment passes, then Republicans can pick the Democrat candidate and Democrats can choose the Republican candidate.  This seems to me to be against the whole concept of a primary election.  In a general election everyone gets to choose which they prefer, but during a primary election is where Republicans and Democrats get to choose the representative from their own party.  We’re not crazy about amendment number 3.

OPINION:  Folks, we all have our own opinions on who we are voting for.  Despite all the heated passions that have preceded this day, today we get to exercise our right to vote.  Don’t waste it staying at home.  Get out and vote.  We are so blessed to live in a free and democratic republic.  We are so blessed to have a right to vote.  Exercise your right from 7am to 7pm at your local polling location.

Regardless of the results of the election, if you were able to vote, you have completed your civic duty and did everything you could do to help your candidate or position win.  On the other hand, you’ll be kicking yourself if you failed to vote and the election was decided by just a handful of votes.  Make sure your vote matters and head to your local polls.  Remember to bring a photo ID.  Polls are open from 7am to 7pm on election day.  As long as you’re in the line before 7pm, you will be allowed to vote.  And don’t forget to bring your mask.


God bless you all and God bless America!


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