We’ve all heard the stories…The Curtiss Mansion is haunted.  It was burned down to get rid of the ghosts and evil spirits by a group of Santeros from Hialeah.  I know most of you will scoff and just say those are rumors and town myths.  Legends we can all ignore…but why did it burn down?

Of course, the City of Miami Springs resurrected the home of legendary aviation pioneer, Glenn Curtiss.  The mansion has been restored to its former glory and now hosts incredible wedding receptions and other gala events.

Cortez Manor
Cortez Manor

However, during the month of October, the Curtiss Mansion will be temporarily converted into a wellness sanctuary known as Cortez Manor.  They will dispel with these myths of ghosts and horrors. Dr. Cortez and his staff will be available to help cure your hysteria or any other ailment with his special therapies. Dr. Cortez wants the best for your soul… for your very soul… The Gateway to Wellness begins here at Cortez Manor. All are welcome…

Cortez Manor 600

Dr. Cortez’ services are not free.  You can schedule an appointment and pay for your visit with the good Doctor at:  www.CurtissMansion.org/Halloween

Before you enter to meet Dr. Cortez who will free you from this unnecessary fear of the mansion, you are welcome to enjoy food, music and challenging games with an opportunity to win prizes at the Manor Market. Challenge your family and friends and see who has what it takes to overcome their fears at the Manor Market Challenges. Manor Market opens at 6pm every night. Games can be played for an additional cost.

Curtiss Mansion
The Glenn Curtiss Mansion circa 1926

The good Doctor Cortez and his assistant, Nurse Blackwater, want to make sure everyone is happy and having a great time.  The right kind of mood to treat any hysteria of haunted mansions and fear.


Nurse Blackwater has informed us that during the treatment process, it’s possible to share in mass hysteria, fear, and terror.  However, they promise that all fears associated with the mansion will be captured…along with your soul.


Reserve your tickets to see the good Doctor Cortez at:  www.CurtissMansion.org/Halloween

Curtiss Mansion Black and White
The Curtiss Mansion

About this event

This Halloween, the Curtiss Mansion brings “Cortez Manor, the Manor of Fear.”


Do Not Enter if you suffer from any medical condition including, but not limited to respiratory, heart, mental , prone to seizers, have broken bones/casts, pregnant, neck or back injuries, high blood pressure and prone to dizziness.

This attraction includes tough terrain, sudden motion and noises, fog, strobe lights, and content may be disturbing to some audiences.

Be on time, only a 15 minute delay is permitted.

No purses or backpacks will be allowed.

Must wear shoes.

No heels permitted.

You may get wet.

No physical contact with staff at anytime.

No inappropriate behavior will be allowed.

We are not responsible for any injury.

No refunds for any reason.



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