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Local Miami Springs teacher and entrepreneur wants you to switch that old piñata for a modern PARTY CANON! Check out the video below.

Here`s the story published by the inventor of the Party Canon:

My name is Rick Aguila. I have been married for 18 years to my wife that I have known since middle school and I have three great kids. I am a middle school teacher and the Director of Children`s Ministry at my local church. I also host a Young Inventors Club at my school where I teach the kids the ins and outs of inventing. I only mention this because most of my time is spent with kids and it was the kids who inspired the Party Cannon.

Growing up in Miami, FL with a Latin background has given me more pinata stories than I would like to share but they always end the same way. Someone leaves with a frown because they didn`t get any prizes or worse they get injured. After searching I realized that there is no product on the market that solves those problems, so I created one. The Party Cannon is a new and innovative party game that offers solutions to those common problems and so much more.


The Party Cannon was recently granted a full non- provisional utility patent in June 2015. There are CAD drawings, 3D renderings, a working prototype and a reputable manufacturer lined up and ready to go.

The Party Cannon was has been in development since 2012 and has gone through many redesigns, focus groups, test and trials and is now ready to move into the manufacturing phase.

I have self-funded this project for over $25k and I am still investing more, but I need your help to meet my goal. I can`t do this without the help of the Kickstarter community. Let`s revolutionize the Party Industry together!!!


Whats Next!

So, we set out to design a party game that is better than anything else available. The Party Cannons innovations will revolutionize the party industry. It is different, and better, than any other party game in the market.

The Game Plan is to manufacture a 1st generation commercial model that will be franchised out to party rental businesses, event planners or entrepreneurs that want to earn some extra money on the side. This 1st generation will be designed and developed to withstand rigorous commercial use. This model will not be available for consumers or retailers. I believe it`s important to gain market awareness before plunging into retail.

However we are already developing a 2nd generation consumer version of the Party Cannon for the masses. This version will be available for retail but will not be in the marketplace until July 2017.

Just to be clear, you are backing a commercial version of this product that will not be sold at retail. Other than Kickstarter this product will only be available for franchise. If you take advantage of this Kickstarter deal you will have no start up franchise fees associated with these rewards. You will be getting a commercial version of the Party Cannon without any of the cost of starting a franchise. With your help I will not only be able to produce a good quality commercial product but also fulfill my dream of bringing the Party Cannon to the masses.


More Information

*The exact specifications are subject to minor changes as we optimize the design for production.

*We offer FREE SHIPPING to the United States. For the rest of the world, please check your shipping rate on the check-out menu while backing the project.

*Join the revolution and give us your support by backing this project and sharing it with others.

We have worked extremely hard to ready this product for Kickstarter and full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment. We are perfectionists! We have done our homework, so the risks are minimal. We have identified and locked in our manufacturers who will be able to manufacture and ship promptly. Our manufacturers have years of experience delivering excellent products in tremendous quantities. What you are seeing are prototypes, so expect the final product to be smaller, more polished and of supreme quality. • There is the possibility that the delivery of the product to our contributors may be delayed due to unforeseen product changes that require additional development or addition to the scope of our manufacturing time line. We know there will be challenges, but we also know we can overcome them. Should unforeseen issues come up, we will handle them with the utmost transparency and care for you, our backers. Please help us revolutionize the Party Industry by backing this project and by spreading the word with the people you love!

To learn more or help raise funds for the KickStarter campaign, click the link below.





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