The Young Democratic Socialists Association (YDSA) from FIU will be holding a protest today at the Miami Springs Starbucks from 11am to 3:30pm.  As we reported in March, some of the employees at the Miami Springs Starbucks are attempting to unionize.

Miami Springs Starbucks

These employees apparently feel that they are “Captive in Miami Springs.”  We say that because the Young Democrat Socialists of America FIU Chapter is encouraging the hashtag #CaptiveInMiamiSprings.  I guess these guys are trying to imply these employees are held captive against their will at this location?

Hey, it’s a free country and you can call it whatever you want.  But we checked to see if there’s anyone hiring in Miami Springs.  Here’s what we found:

City of Miami Springs is hiring a Police Dispatcher Trainee.  It pays $38,620 – $57,929 a year.  The Embassy Suites Miami Airport is hiring a Houseperson.  KPMG is hiring an HR Business Advisor.

We looked at Hialeah and see that the Hialeah Flanigan’s is hiring a Bartender.  Chipotle is hiring a Restaurant Team Member.  The Regions bank is hiring a Financial Relationship Specialist.  OneBlood is paying $16 / hour for a Courier.

Bottom line, we are blessed right now with a low unemployment rate environment. Ultimately, employers pay more when they struggle hiring or they struggle retaining quality employees.  My advice, if you want more money, shop around.   Lots of folks are hiring and struggling to find good talent.  If you have great skills, it’s a great time to shop around.

It’s a free country, so if you want to protest to support unionization.  Go for it.  However, if you want to actually make more money, I suggest shopping around.  Furthermore, if you find you don’t qualify for higher paying jobs, I suggest you look at what type of skillset or education you need to acquire to get those higher paying jobs and do the work required to gain that skillset.  There’s a reason some jobs pay more than others.

Miami Springs Starbucks to Unionize?



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